Written by Stephen Agwaibor

For over half a decade, TechCabal Insights has been a cornerstone of innovation, intelligence, and data-driven insights. What began as a concept note—highlighting specific needs to bridge information gaps—has blossomed into an esteemed brand firmly rooted in Africa’s digital landscape.

From our office in Lagos, Nigeria, and led by a team of young and vibrant analysts, TechCabal Insights, often called TC Insights, was incubated by Africa’s most authoritative tech publication, TechCabal. Together, they have amassed over 13 years of experience covering African tech.

Our mission is simple: to support investors, entrepreneurs, tech giants, regulators, and visionaries across the globe with actionable insights into Africa’s dynamic startup and tech ecosystem.

TechCabal Insights has an unrivalled understanding of the digital economy. Our repertoire includes data collection, strategic report development, consultancy, in-depth research, immersive training workshops, captivating visualisations, and customised industry reports. Our research services cover market, sector, quantitative, qualitative, and product research. We provide strategic advisory and consultancy services for investors looking to take the next big step. We also help our clients achieve their marketing and PR goals. And that’s not all.

TechCabal Insights curates exclusive events that transcend industry boundaries, positioning businesses and organisations as thought leaders. Our standout event flagships include the TC Live webinar series, The Future of Commerce, and the upcoming Moonshot by TechCabal.

Here’s why you should make us your trusted source for actionable insights.

One, we are powered by a team of experts who bring a high level of detail into their work and are dedicated to turning data into your competitive edge. Our newsletter, In A Giffy, delivers weekly data-backed insights on African technology for business owners and investors, serving tens of thousands of subscribers. Our funding tracker, DealFlow, collects funding data on African tech deals in real-time. Our media arm, TechCabal, has footprints entrenched across the continent that make us the go-to resource for all things related to African tech, with over two million readers in Q3 of 2023. Simply put, our reach is unmatched.

Two, our reports have been recognised in leading news publications, like BusinessDay and The Guardian, and set industry benchmarks. The ”State of Tech in Africa” report is a quarterly report that provides a bird’s eye view of technology trends in Africa. Our “State of Healthtech in Nigeria” report profiled 75 active and 15 inactive health tech startups across 12 subsectors. It examined the challenges and opportunities these startups face while prescribing impactful recommendations.

The Ecosystem Report on Nigeria we conducted on behalf of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) surveyed the Nigerian startup scene across all geopolitical zones, analysing the factors that catalyse growth and assessing the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for startups to tap into. Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, as we recently clinched an award as the Best Startup Ecosystem Intelligence Platform.

Three, our curated events, from fintech to healthtech, edtech, and renewable energy, are attended in the thousands by industry leads. We’ve become the trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies, leading development organisations, and impactful NGOs. We boast a clientele of industry giants such as Moniepoint, FlutterWave, and Andela, to name a few. 

Four, our journey is just beginning. We are relaunching TechCabal Insights on a new website, and this transformation will enhance your experience with us. As clients, you will get a robust platform with a rich archive of our industry reports that cater to your information needs. This strategic move enhances our visual appeal and amplifies our presence in underserved markets. 

Additionally, we’ve bolstered our team with seasoned industry experts, aligning with our unwavering dedication to rigorous research. TechCabal Insights now has in its ranks Amam Okafor, a senior consultant with broad experience across all digital economy sectors, and Abubakar Idris, a leading expert on African tech and business.

We will continue to build and expand our datasets, providing an invaluable resource for clients looking to get first-rate knowledge of the workings of the African tech ecosystem. As we uncover and analyse more data, we aim to provide even deeper insights, ensuring that every moment you spend with us is a valuable investment.

Welcome to a new era. Join the league of industry leaders who trust TechCabal Insights today. 

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