Safaricom, in a bid to get more customers to use its 4G network, is launching 4G-specific data bundles for them. Customers who are switching to 4G for the first time will get 4GB data, free of charge. Subsequently, the telco plans to charge KSh 99 for 100MB, and KSh 1,499 for 5GB.

The network provider has had several 4G LTE sites in different parts of Kenya since 2014. At the time, there were not a lot of customers using it, as 4G devices were not in common usage or very affordable. Customers were also wary of the high data consumption that was characteristic of the 4G network.

Fast forward to 2016, prices of 4G devices have dropped greatly. Safaricom also had a hand in this, going as far as partnering with Samsung to release the Samsung Z2. The network provider also made 4G SIM cards available to its customers by offering free SIM swaps.

Safaricom has done all it can to remove the roadblocks to 4G usage, it remains to be seen if customers will take the bait, and how fast that will happen.

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15th November 2019

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