Everyone knows at least something about online gambling opportunities as these are everywhere on the Internet. However, the thing that has been overtaking the whole gambling industry from the beginning of the 2000s were social casinos as we know them. Social casino or gambling is the whole new concept of entertaining and socializing within the same online platform meaning that people can spend fun time together in virtual space.

Therefore, if you are interested in the whole concept of this kind of gambling, we have prepared a few clarifications for you to better understand it. First and foremost, social gambling shall be understood as nothing but gambling online with a unique opportunity to engage with friends and spend some pleasant time with other people online. Secondly, this is a huge industry which is expected to grow within the next decade and therefore requires new poker programs heroes to conquer it.

Main Features Of Modern Social Gambling

When talking about the unique features of this particular kind of gambling it is important to mention that people are generally more loyal to it than other gaming solutions. 60% of single-payment social players continue to play the game after their one-time payment. For other online games, on the other hand, a mere 7% of one-time players continue to play after their initial deposit amount is gone.

Here are some other exciting features of the social casino industry and its development in recent years:

  • people come here to chill out: while traditional casinos are usually visited with the desire to win money, social ones are usually used to relax, unwind and use quality time with friends. Given the incredible convenience and their presence on a variety of online platforms, it is no wonder people wish to chill out using these tools. As life gets more intense and the Internet more popular, this industry will only grow;
  • 14% of users spend at least 1 hour per day: since these games are easy to access in the digital space, once a person gets there it is rather difficult to leave the media without playing at least one game. The better the graphics and plots, the longer people tend to stay on these gambling platforms;
  • higher motivation to play: as compared with real gambling, in this particular type it is not money or some kind of gain, but rather fun and the opportunity to spend time with friends or relatives.


To wrap things up, if you as an entrepreneur in the online gambling industry or even not an adjacent one would like to have an exciting experience developing a game, there are some experienced developers which would help you with that. The only thing to understand is that the industry is worth investing in. 

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