It’s quite correct to say an Apple device is one of the most prized possessions of any young person today. For every iPhone purchased, there’s an untold story of someone who didn’t mind spending more to get an iPhone instead of the lower-priced phones in the market because they were convinced that an iPhone was a durable, reliable, secure device and the perfect choice for all their mobile communication needs.

Unfortunately, after so many people have saved up money for their desired iPhone, they get swindled at the point of purchase by unauthorised dealers who sell substandard devices to them. You are robbed of so many extra benefits of using an iPhone when you patronise just any random phone vendor on the street. Here’s what could likely happen when you buy an iPhone from the wrong hands:

  1. Doctored Devices

Your device may have been internally tampered by selfish dealers who are seeking the best ways to make a profit off you.

  1. Stolen Device

Many unauthorised dealers indulge in untrustworthy ways to procure the iPhones they sell. In many cases, these devices could have been stolen making you an unknown partner in crime for buying from them.

  1. Fake Phone

You face the risk of buying a completely fake iPhone when you buy from just any vendor. These days there are black-market manufacturers that are able to make prototypes of iPhones that look so convincing until you use them.   

  1. No Warranty

Your unofficially purchased iPhone does not come with warranty benefits, making you helpless and fully responsible in cases of liquid damage, broken screen or similar incidents.

Where You Should Never Buy an iPhone

  1. Off the street from a random guy
  2. A black market dealer
  3. A seller with a ridiculously cheap offer
  4. Random online vendors

The Recommended Place to Buy an iPhone in Nigeria?

You should only buy an iPhone from Apple authorized reseller outlets in Nigeria. You can find an authorized list of stores to purchase an iPhone here. Here’s what you enjoy when you purchase an iPhone from the right source:

  1. 1 year cover for accidental screen damage
  2. Liquid damage cover for 6 months
  3. Best price guaranteed for your iPhone Trade-in
  4. Free pickup and return from the service centre
  5. Assured Buy Back
  6. 24 months warranty

So why not #GetItLegit from an Apple Authorized reseller and enjoy value-added benefits including device insurance and free protection. Visit today, register and get even more benefits.

There has never been a better time to join the iPhone lifestyle in Nigeria!

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