UBA could be kicking other banks to the curbs with its never-ending banking innovations. Focused on providing a whole new level of banking experience for its customers, the united bank for Africa now has its virtual Banker ‘LEO’ on the messaging app on iOS. Here it is www.ubagroup.com/apple-business-chat

For those that do not know, Apple Business Chat is an iOS platform that allows its users and businesses to communicate directly. With LEO on Apple Business Chat, this means that UBA customers who own iPhones and iPads now have the opportunity to communicate directly with the bank using the Message app on their iOS device. Through the iOS app, customers can conveniently perform basic transactions such as; opening an account, making fund transfers, buying airtime, checking account balance, making enquiries, paying bills and more.

However, customers need to set up with the Apple Business Chat… To begin, click the – Chat with Messages – button on UBA’s website or in mobile banking app. 

A conversation with UBA’s agents will open instantly in the Messages app, and users can take their time responding when it’s convenient. This service is available in beta for users and businesses around the world and is built into iOS 11.3 and higher.
In today’s techy – savvy world, this innovation simplifies banking needs and services further for customers like you and I. Try it out and share your thoughts on UBA’s LEO on IOS in the comment box. 

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