You know the drill. It’s the final term of Senior Secondary/High School, and you will have to write WAEC/WASSCE examinations – an important step if you are to move on to tertiary education. Everything seems to be on schedule, and then the Coronavirus pandemic strikes. Schools are shut down and exams are postponed. While at home, you try to keep up with learning and staying prepared for the exams, but the uncertainty of the exam dates means that you drop your guard. 

Now though, the WAEC/WASSCE exams are finally here. Only a few weeks to go. You have done some reading but you don’t feel adequately prepared. You are desperately trying to cover the basics but every time you think of how much more to cover and revise, your heart skips a beat. In any case, you have to write the exams and you want to pass in flying colors.

Thankfully, Africa and the world, in general, is rapidly catching on to education technology and online learning. Online classrooms, standardized tests, and online assessments are proving to be excellent solutions for students to prepare for and pass any exam including WAEC. 

In West Africa, a leading education app that has bridged the gap between learning and preparing for WAEC exams is the uLesson app. Loaded with pre-recorded educational videos based on the curriculum and delivered by expert teachers, the uLesson app has proven to be an invaluable tool for WAEC preparation. The lessons on the app are delivered as short video formats and include the use of digital animation and illustrations to help explain complex concepts as well as help students learn in a more fun and engaging way. 

Why is the uLesson app so valuable for passing WAEC? In addition to in-depth lessons, the app features several years of past WAEC examination question papers with detailed solutions. There are also timed practice tests that simulate real WAEC questions, thus helping students become familiar with the WAEC exam format as well as assess their level of preparedness and time management skills. 

To summarise, the uLesson app is an excellent tool  for SS3/SHS3 students to prepare for – or even more appropriately, to ‘crack and ace’ the WAEC exams for these reasons:

  1. Interactive video lessons 
  2. Availability on-the-go 
  3. Access to several years of past questions with detailed solutions
  4. Timed quizzes and practice  exams 
  5. Ease of revision 

So whether you’re writing your WAEC exams in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, or the Gambia, the uLesson app offers real value in helping you crack and pass WAEC exams and it’s available for free download on the Google playstore.

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