Nigerian Crypto startup; Cryptofully has launched an early version of its payment platform to provide international remittance services that allow for faster, cheaper, and secure exchange of value – from the cryptocurrency (bitcoin) to Naira.

Cryptofully is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a mission to make cryptocurrency less difficult and more accessible, so that everyone can use it for everyday transactions – remittances, bill payments, airtime, and even commercial business purchases. Today, the company launched a platform that is focused on remittance and gives a great experience (fast, cheaper, and secure) when sending money to any Nigerian bank account from anywhere in the world. With the beta version of cryptofully, users can easily exchange bitcoin for Naira and cash out directly with their Local (Nigerian) bank account.

“We understand that international money transfers are not a walk in the park. Most of them are inefficient and/or quite expensive. Thankfully, bitcoin to Naira exchange isn’t as expensive and the process is much faster. Bitcoin money transfers have proven to be the best way to send and receive international payments because sending bitcoin is extremely easy. Beyond remittance made easy, bitcoin provides great investment opportunities, wealth preservation and we only expect more and more perks in the future.” –  Tega Gabriel, Communications Manager at Cryptofully.

How does it work?

  1. Enter the amount of money you want to send: Enter the amount of money you want to send (in Naira) and the bitcoin equivalent is calculated instantly.
  2. Enter recipient details: Enter the bank account details of the person you’re sending money to.
  3. Get wallet address: Cryptofully provides a unique bitcoin wallet address for your Nigerian bank account.
  4. Send money: Transfer bitcoin to the unique wallet address and the recipient will receive the naira value instantly. Check out their Medium post to learn how it works in detail.

While the journey to full adoption of cryptocurrency in everyday payment begins with remittance to naira, over the next few weeks, Cryptofully intends to roll out more interesting features like the Cryptofully wallet, Payments links, P2P transfers, Lending, and much more.

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