eBanqo Inc., a customer engagement start-up, has built a value system for businesses, enabling them to deliver faster and efficient services in messaging apps. They address the need to deliver real-time, convenient, and personalized services and support to customers. Leveraging the rise and adoption of conversational AI, they help businesses of all sizes build digital assistants for their websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack, facilitating speedier responses that customers have come to expect. 

eBanqo’s CEO, Charles Ifedi, started his career over 20-years ago in the technology sector as a software engineer. In a recent interview, he discussed eBanqo’s value proposition saying “eBanqo aims to simplify digital interactions between businesses and their customers. Our solution is completely self-service and automated, which means we can offer organizations 24/7 services. We reduce the organization’s costs, improve their efficiency, and potentially increase revenue for businesses based on the fact that their customers are now able to transact across more channels than they currently have.”

Charles has had an interesting and successful career; starting off at SystemSpecs, PwC, and then Accenture. In 2002, he co-founded Interswitch where he helped build the business for over 15 years. At Interswitch, he led the business solutions team, the international expansion team, and he went on to lead the Consumer business. In parallel, he became the CEO of Verve, an offshoot of Interswitch, where he led the brand to carve a niche for itself; from its inception till early 2018. The culmination of his wealth of experience and insight were instrumental to the birth of eBanqo.

As one of its use cases, eBanqo helps businesses to innovate their customer service, by eliminating the need for customers to spend several hours trying to reach businesses via email or phone calls. eBanqo leverages the rapid rise of messaging apps and the progress made in conversational AI to automate responses to common customer questions as well as provide Live Chat assistance in customers’ preferred messaging platforms. This speeds up response times and also resolves issues at first contact. On its platform, organizations can manage all messaging platforms and all social media interactions from one dashboard. The platform’s robust analytics provides insight into customers’ behavior, helping businesses make better decisions.

For more information, visit www.ebanqo.com

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