Pass is an African technology startup that is improving the online shopping experience by making the process of checking out easy and seamless for online shoppers through its one-click checkout platform. 

The Co-founder & CEO, Eze Samuel, said Pass is going to make the experience of shopping online a much better one. “The traditional method of filling in billing and shipping details at checkout discourages many more potential buyers than we might think,” he said. 

“3 out of 4 Shopping carts are abandoned yearly. This issue is often due to the cumbersome nature of the traditional checkout experience i.e Long entry forms, registration, 12 -to- 18 clicks etc. These issues can be resolved by reducing the friction that comes with the traditional checkout experience; thereby, helping online merchants will experience growth in online sales as a result,” – Eze Samuel Co-founder & CEO, Pass. 

Pass is and would work with most e-commerce platforms including Woocommerce, Magento, Squarespace, and Shopify. It also works with social commerce platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s API is made for online merchants to embed on their online store enabling their customers to checkout their orders in one click. 

When a shopper clicks the “Checkout with pass” button, two things happen, their order is processed for checkout, and a delivery agent is notified to pick the order up from the merchant and deliver to the shopper. 

Pass has partnered with Gokada, one of the largest last-mile delivery services in Lagos, amongst others across major cities in Nigeria to ensure a seamless process from checkout to last-mile doorstep delivery of shoppers orders are handled by a trusted agent. 

The first time a buyer uses the Pass checkout platform, they’re prompted to enter their name, email, and payment card details and shipping address and charged a N50 one-off card tokenization fee, after which they won’t have to fill out a checkout form again. 

Try it out 

Pass has launched the beta version of its one-click checkout platform on its online store. Now shoppers can go to to buy products and experience the one-click checkout platform.

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