Designed to be accessible to all, Mobo’s Game Jam encourages inclusivity,

sustainability, and humanity in young innovators’ ideas.

17 December, Nigeria – Kucheza Gaming, in partnership with Digital Schoolhouse, Edu360 and Into Games are delighted to announce the first Mobo Game Jam.

Mobo Game Jam is an international game-making challenge which will see young innovators from the UK and Nigeria compete to create games that combine creativity, compassion and computational thinking to solve a worldwide problem.

Individuals and teams aged 8-18 must submit a game or game concept that explores how to achieve a future where everyone has access to clean water. Entries must meet a brief set by WaterAid, which has been brought to life in a mini film by the renowned storyteller Grandma Wura, a fictional character created by Proud African Roots.

Speaking on the initiative, the Head, Corporate Communications and Marketing at Union Bank, Ogochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem said –

“Edu360 is pleased to partner with Kucheza Gaming, Digital Schoolhouse and IntoGames on the Mobo Game Jam; an initiative that cuts across three areas we are passionate about – Education, Innovation and Talent Development.

Through the Game Jam, we are creating awareness about social issues and working with young people to proffer solutions. Edu360 remains focused on collaborations and partnerships like this that boost the development of the education sector and build a better, more sustainable future.”

Bukola Akingbade CEO and founder of Kucheza Gaming says “The Mobo Game Jam was conceived to kickstart a path to equipping the next generation of Africans with digital skills required to compete in a digital future. Skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

We believe and advocate for video games and esports as viable drivers of  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) in education in schools.”

Kids and teens keen to take part will have from Thursday 17 December 2020 to Thursday 4 February 2021 to submit their game prototypes via video submission. Entrants will be allowed to submit their prototypes digitally or physically.

Those interested can sign up here: 

Winners stand the opportunity to get cash prizes, laptops and see their games showcased live, spreading awareness of the importance of making clean water available to everyone in the defence against climate change.

Participants will also receive free virtual masterclasses from industry experts to help improve their digital skills. Additionally, the Game Jam aims to encourage cultural exchange between entrants by promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and humanity in their ideas.

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More about Kucheza Gaming:

Kucheza Gaming is an Africa focused esports and games company for 6 – 18 year olds (primary and secondary schools). “Kucheza” is a Swahili word meaning “play” or “to play”. At Kucheza, we embrace “play” as a force for youth development and empowerment in Africa, the youngest and fastest growing continent.

We see gaming as the gateway to digital excellence. Aspirational for their children, parents around the continent prioritise education. Reflecting this, we develop products which bring together gamers, parents and the games industry to deliver vocational, educational and economic value in a fun way.

Find out more:

More about Edu360:

Edu360 is an education focused platform created by Union Bank to drive private sector engagement in delivering Nigeria’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education.

Edu360 brings industry stakeholders together to enable positive and lasting change in education at scale to secure the future of every Nigerian child through advocacy, creating access to new forms of education and action; direct intervention in the education space.

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More about Ukie education:

Ukie (UK games industry trade body) believe in education for everyone: inspiring all ages, at every level. We provide services for education, fostering the next generation of games talent through our flagship initiatives: Digital Schoolhouse, Into Games, Ukie Student Membership, Ukie Training and Video Games Ambassadors. We nurture aspiring young people in their early years, through to further education, higher education and throughout their career.

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More about Digital Schoolhouse:

Ukie’s not-for-profit Digital Schoolhouse programme, together with Nintendo UK, uses play-based learning to engage the next generation of pupils and teachers with the Computing curriculum. Digital Schoolhouse backed by the creative digital industries and government. Sponsors include PlayStation®, SEGA, Ubisoft and Outright Games.

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More about Into Games:

Into Games is a UK based, non-profit organisation setup to give young people support and guidance on how to find a rewarding career in games. 

Their primary focus is on developing opportunities and aspiration for those currently underrepresented in the sector by developing stronger links between education, youth groups and industry while making support and guidance more accessible to all.   

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