HostNowNow recently celebrated their milestone 4 years of existence; this is phenomenal, considering the reported high business failure rates within the first 2-3 years. HostNowNow owes their recent success to esteemed clients, who kept supporting all the way. As a progressive organization, HostNowNow intends to deliver more IT solutions to their esteemed clients and the tech community at large.

With a fast-rising and evolving tech industry, they believe in the application of effective innovation and strategic partnerships in the successful delivery of future solutions to their clients. HostNowNow currently has a team of professionals that are highly skilled in product development, customer support and business development; they are committed to analysing and predicting industry trends that will in turn create a competitive edge for their clients. 

Without doubt, HostNowNow runs with the desire to support businesses and tech professionals in achieving results on the online platform. With this drive, they are definitely on the path to becoming the most reliable hosting service provider in Africa. Their vision to deliver the future to esteemed clients, one solution at a time, activating innovations, powered by technology is now a major driving force to their rise in the tech community and industry, as a whole. 

They don’t just see a future of endless possibilities, HostNowNow innovatively walks their clients through it; creating technology-driven solutions; as they play in the global market space. 

To start off the New Year in grand style, HostNowNow is announcing the official release of their renowned staging server. If you’re wondering, a staging server gives you an opportunity to test software, showcase your products and pre-launch your web projects in a production-similar environment before being set live.

This means that testing with a staging server protects you from unexpected poor performances, which in turn gives you a chance to make fixes to your software, site or product before being fully launched online. Guess what? You also get to enjoy this top-notch product for free!!!! So, if you’re a web designer, tech developer or small business entrepreneur, HostNowNow’s staging server helps you deliver your work way better than you ever could. You can learn more about this at 

Contrary to popular opinion, HostNowNow isn’t just a hosting and domain firm. They are a renowned tech firm and they currently have a lot more to offer to entrepreneurs and tech professionals. With new products and services consisting of cybersecurity, tech product development and IT Consultancy, activating the future for their clients one step at a time is top priority. 

It’s high time you joined the HostNowNow community to take advantage of the new and exclusive products they have to offer. To check out their current products and services, kindly visit 

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