As the COVID-19 pandemic expands globally, it has caused unprecedented disruption to humans’ activities affecting the way health organizations operate including healthcare delivery. With social distancing being a key preventative measure of COVID-19, proper delivery of healthcare services becomes a challenge as both patients and healthcare practitioners are concerned about the risk of potential infection.

But as we continue to grapple with the “sky-scraping” deaths around the world, it seems like all the focus on healthcare has gone to COVID-19 while other health needs of the population are being given less attention. Most patients want to seek medical help for conditions that are non-COVID-19 related but they can’t due to the observance of social distancing and concerns of contracting COVID-19 thereby posing a threat to individual lives.

The burden on healthcare systems that have been increasingly overwhelmed needs to be relieved, with the right measures put in place and approaches such as telemedicine taken, the quality of life of the people will not be adversely affected. To ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing amidst this unprecedented event, a telemedical approach needs to be implemented.

Recently, telemedicine has become remarkably important, due to the pandemic and it has become the safest interactive system between patients and medical practitioners due to the mandatory social distancing. To achieve the goals of COVID-19 prevention and provision of quality healthcare services to people, CribMD, a fast-growing telemedical solution, and digital outreach company is addressing the challenges of medical health care accessibility by offering low-cost medical services from online to door-step outreach.

The innovative health tech startup is helping in the containment and provision of healthcare services to patients regardless of their location, by providing easy access to healthcare services online. CribMD is bridging the gap between patients and quality healthcare services, thus enabling anyone with an internet connection or mobile phone to receive adequate care regardless of their location.

With CribMD’s mobile app, patients can request a doctor home visit, or chat & video call with verified medical professionals and specialists around and outside the country, thereby improving access to care, while minimizing the risk of direct transmission of the infectious agent from person to person.

About CribMD

CribMD is a fast-growing telemedical solution and digital outreach company that combines modern health strategies and technological expertise to create a digital experience that addresses the challenges of medical health care accessibility by offering low-cost medical services from online to door-step outreach.

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