Customers are the backbone of any business. The success or failure of businesses is hugely dependent on their customers. A way to guarantee customer loyalty is to reward them whenever they shop either online or offline. 

A B2B international research on customer loyalty revealed that most companies lose 45% to 50% of their customers every five years and winning new customers can be up to 20 times more expensive than retaining existing customers. As such, more efforts should be geared towards retaining them using customer rewards and customer data.

Welcome, ThankUCash.  ThankUCash is a product of Connected Analytics, a technology company powering rewards and loyalty for African businesses.  

ThankUCash helps merchants increase revenue by connecting them to customers within and outside of their locations while retaining acquired customers using a data analytics-powered reward system where customers earn cash rewards for every transaction made, both offline and online.

Growing & Retaining Customers With ThankUCash

ThankUCash currently has over 500 merchants it is helping to grow their businesses. They include Trebet, Enyo, MedMart, PriceRite Supermarket, Choplife, and CET Energy among others. 

The analyses provided by ThankUCash via a SaaS subscription to these businesses enable them to offer services based on customer spending patterns and their value preference. 

Using these same analyses, ThankUCash gives these customers cash back whenever they shop at any of the merchants in the ThankUCash network. This will no doubt engender loyalty.

As a business, you can register to start rewarding your customers with ThankUCash here.

Making Cash Rewards Seamless With The ThankUCash App

As a business driven by technology and innovation, ThankUCash has made earning cash rewards for customers instant and seamless with the ThankUCash app.

With the app, you can buy airtime, pay for utility bills and TV subscriptions. Beyond this, you can enjoy mouthwatering deals from our listed merchants. 

Also. new features have been added to the app to boost its user experience including multi-payment channels, TUC Pay QR, cashing out your rewards, and much more. 

The new normal introduced by COVID-19 forced a lot of businesses to either shut down or lose a large chunk of their customers. 

However, by leveraging the ThankUCash solutions, businesses will not only retain their customers but will also continue to survive regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not.

For more information about ThankUCash, please visit, e-mail:, or call 0809 042 6105.

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