Nonprofit, Ingressive For Good just launched its #1000WomenInDesign programme in partnership with Geneza School of Design. A program aimed at empowering women with design skills to help increase their earning potential and build a sustainable career in design. Apply here.

This program, built by the women of Ingressive for Good, specially for women will contribute its quota towards closing the gender equity gap in the design industry and empower women with design skills to ensure they are better prepared and positioned for opportunities in the design space. It is perfectly timed as this month has been set aside to not only celebrate #InternationalWomen’s Day but also Women’s History Month. It is the perfect opportunity to birth women who will soon make history.

Bolanle Banwo Osadolo, the founder of Geneza School of Design had this to say about the partnership “Ingressive For Good has always been interested in helping people gain skills in tech through scholarships and programs. Since our goals align, it was only perfect to partner with them on this. Our shared goal is to increase the number of women in the Design and Tech ecosystem and help them take advantage of the increasing number of opportunities in the industry.” 

The Director of Communications at Ingressive for Good, Blessing Abeng, passionately shared the reason why this is important to Ingressive for Good. She said “The gender disparity in the design and tech world is far from invisible. Most people can see it and many women feel it first hand. It is no longer enough to talk about it. It is time to act. And as an organization, we want to start with 1000 women, fully aware that 1000 can become 10,000 and eventually 1,000,000 women in Africa will have skills in design or tech and gradually the gap with close up. We want more organizations to go beyond talking and act. Share this opportunity and inspire more women to be all they can be”.

The design training comprises of three comprehensive digital course paths. You can learn one of the following: 

  • Graphic Design: You will learn the principles of design, visual elements, and how to use Photoshop. View course content
  • Product Design: You will learn to design websites and mobile application interfaces using Figma. View course content
  • Brand Identity Design: You will learn how to interpret briefs, create logos, packaging, and brand assets.  View course content

All applicants will be added to the Ingressive For Good Alumni community and the finalists will have the opportunity to access jobs, laptops and more.  

How to Apply:

Register here  – (no exam needed, takes 5 minutes)

How it Works:

  • Apply – 
  • Chosen candidates will be announced on the 30th March, 2021
  • Participants will be given access to a self-paced course and presented in real-world applications to practice
  • Finalists will qualify to access laptops and jobs in the best tech companies

Program Duration: This is a 12-24 weeks digital course

Registration closes: March 26, 2021

Training Kicks off: April 1, 2021

Register now  –

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About Ingressive for Good

Ingressive For Good (I4G) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and increasing the earning power of African youth through tech training, community and the power of work. For more info, partnership, or donation, contact: Blessing Abeng, Director of Communications, Ingressive for Good on  Find out more about Ingressive For Good here.

About Geneza

The Geneza School of Design is a practical design school that incorporates the teaching of design thinking principles with hands-on sessions that showcase how the principles are applied in the context of layout, typefaces and colour. Read more

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