Bitnob, the Nigerian cryptocurrency startup that lets you save in Bitcoin for the daily cost of lunch, is upping the ante on  its referral program to recognize its most loyal users.

The program is structured to celebrate and empower users who passionately spread the news of Bitnob’s efforts to deliver stress-less access to bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. Bitnob’s referral begins in May and will reward users with up to $1,000 per user, based on the number of referrals they make.

Users who participate in the program will be recognized as ambassadors and have a position on the leaderboard. The board has multiple tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ruby, and MVP – all displayed on the website. 

Each rank will have several stages and activity requirements, and users can ascend the ranks based on the number of referrals and the amount in their Bitnob wallets. Ambassadors will also earn bragging rights as their names and tiers can easily be found using the leadership board’s search feature.

Bitnob hosts free weekly webinars every Friday by 7pm focused on the basics of crypto investments, and the best ways to use its savings and investment resources. Individuals who aren’t currently investing in the platform can also attend the webinars.

The company offers NobCredit which are instant crypto-backed loans. With NobCredits, users can take out flexible loans with zero hidden fees and penalties, using their Bitcoin balance as collateral. This way, Nobcredits allow users to meet urgent financial obligations while HODLing their bitcoin.

Bitnob also has a DCA calculator that helps users estimate their possible earnings based on current market rates and small consistent investments.

The Dollar Cost Averaging Calculator also spits out estimated profits based on lump sum investments to offer contrast and help investors make the best possible decisions.

The company intends to maintain its rapid growth by empowering and its user community. “We believe that one of the biggest investments people can make in their relationships is to tell them about something good and exciting that they are enjoying. 

We believe that telling your friends about Bitnob is a huge investment in their wealth acquisition,” Adeolu Akinyemi, Co-founder of Bitnob noted. 

Adeolu Akinyemi, Co-founder of Bitnob

He also highlighted that the referral program was based strongly on the concept of Ubuntu – a Zulu phrase that embodies the concept of community. “What the west enjoys in government provided social security, we make up for with our social networks. 

In Africa, we depend on each other, rely on each other and really need each other. It’s a concept called Ubuntu: when we are good, then I am good. This is why the surest way for us to grow wealth as a community is by using that same power – our social networks.”

According to Kwabena Okyire Appianing, the CMO of Bitnob, the program is designed to celebrate and reward the company’s growing users who spread the word about its efforts to lower the barrier of entry and drive easy access for anyone anywhere to participate and invest in cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin.

Speaking on Bitnob’s other offerings, Kwabena had this to say: “With a lot of ponzis and get-rich-quick schemes flying around, it’s important to only use trusted resources to save and invest which is why we have developed a safe option for people to invest their money using Dollar Cost Averaging strategy, allowing anyone to grow wealth even in a volatile market like cryptocurrency.”

The referral program has kicked off already and existing users can begin referring friends to earn cash rewards and climb the ambassador leadership board. Bitnob is available on both the Google Playstore and iOS. For more information, visit Bitnob website today!

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