21 May 2021 – Richvest 360, a profitable investment initiative has been inaugurated, with those behind the development hoping it will provide affordable and accessible banking and investment opportunities for Nigerians. 

“Many Nigerians today live below the poverty line not necessarily because they have low incomes or poor salaries, but perhaps they lack a savings and investments culture. The  Harmonized Nigeria Living Standard Survey reports that Nigeria spends about N25 billion daily on food items. There is a high propensity to consume but a low propensity to save. This is quite alarming for a developing nation. High consumption would mean low savings, low investment,  and low capital formation.” said Tobi Dada, Head, Operations at Richvest 360. 

Dada added that “There are a lot of investment companies that have made investment easy and provided a lot of people with smart ways to grow their money. Richvest 360 is one of the  leading investment companies in Nigeria that offers people opportunities to build their financial  legacy by providing multiple sponsorship channels in the industry of your interest.”

Richvest is looking at empowering several young Nigerians with the platform. 

ABOUT RICHVEST 360 – Richvest 360 is an investment company that is on a mission to raise young, smart 21st-century investors and help people make smart financial decisions. They have been able to achieve a great feat in the not so short time of been founded. With over 5,000  users and 3,000 active users, they have successful projects that have been completed thus opening more investment opportunities for the users. 

Richvest 360 partnered with Eatrichfarms and collaboratively raised funds for their Greenhouse Farm, Eatrich Water factory and also with Martify Supercenter opening two outlets in Lagos among other amazing projects. All these were achieved in less than a year which is mind  blowing. 

The bigger picture for Richvest360 is to bring banking to the unbanked. To make saving easy for  people, and enable quick easy access to loans, while providing smart ways to help them grow  their money. 

Richvest 360 investment is a platform that caters to everyone across all genders, age groups and purposes to serve and make life easier for them. 

Investing in Richvest 360 is a profitable investment initiative that is set to help people become financially independent and free.


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