Digital transformation has reinforced the importance of investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for asset monitoring, data collection, and decision making, to maximize value from operational assets in advanced and emerging economies.

Lagos, Nigeria: Today, PlugnPlay IoT, a subsidiary of NovaTrack Limited announced that it will be organizing a private Asset Tracking seminar in Lagos, Nigeria that will discuss the importance, necessity, and the ‘how’ of adopting the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for business advancement, especially in emerging economies through digital transformation focused on asset management and tracking.

The seminar, as part of the PlugnPlay IoT measures to help businesses in emerging economies scale by revealing how businesses, regardless of size can reduce operational cost in the areas of asset maintenance, security, data collection, etc., will be held this year, precisely on the 15 June 2021. 

As rightly stated by PlugnPlay IoT, “the recent security challenges in major African economies, especially Nigeria highlight the need for increased security protocols for valuables. In the case of businesses, these valuables are referred to as company assets. These are infrastructure, equipment, or personnel that have some reasonable and clear lifetime value pegged on them. Aside from security, businesses that wish to stand strong through time naturally seek to improve operational processes, especially with technology and innovation that provides an unfair advantage.”

However, some business assets may not deliver direct value but will have other processes or operations dependent on their indirect value. Such business assets are often mistaken for less important but they should be secured to avoid or reduce unwanted events like operational downtimes which may lead to loss of trust and reduced work efficiency all of which runs down any business.”

These challenges are common to all; Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Logistics, Energy Supply and Distribution, Facility Management, etc., and there is always a place for IoT to satisfy these. Industries like these have been seen to speedily displace entities that fail to evolve with technological advantages because advancements such as IoT drastically improves operational success and reduces risk while increasing customer satisfaction. For example, the advent of GPS tracking revolutionized the logistics sector, and those able to perfectly fit it into business processes now lead the industry. This is why PlugnPlay IoT has put together the Asset Tracking 101 Seminar to present industry leaders who participate with the unfair advantage of business asset tracking with IoT technology. 

A representative of PlugnPlay IoT also mentioned that “the seminar, to be held on June 15, will privately engage high-level participants from both the public and private sector; CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Senior Managers, Government Heads, and will focus on the key issues surrounding business innovation and the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology for asset tracking to increase profitability and boost economic prosperity.” The program will include training and updates on new products/solutions with speeches delivered by highly ranked business leaders in Nigeria and as a private event, it is strictly on invitation. However, business leaders who consider themselves qualified to participate can request to attend on their webpage.

About PlugnPlay IoTPlugnPlayIoT is an IoT service provider, powered by NovaTrack Ltd, that empowers system integrators, technology experts, software developers and entrepreneurs to build and scale their own IoT business verticals at a relatively low cost. Our solutions enable our channel partners to deploy wireless connected sensors with remote monitoring capability, data analytics and real-time alerts for various industry applications.

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