We are excited to announce the latest feature on Paychant — #PaychantInline. Now merchants can quickly add bitcoin payment checkout into their website or web app with just a line of code.

This latest development makes Paychant the first crypto payment platform to offer the easiest way to accept bitcoin payments while offering simple, secure, and convenient crypto payment flows for online merchants.

“We’re making it easier for online businesses to accept payment, sell goods and services, or receive donations in digital currencies. Adding the Paychant Inline is as easy as embedding a YouTube video with just a short cut-and-paste piece of code to the site.  Paychant inline also enables site owners to take crypto payments directly on their site, without redirecting” The Company explained.

Paychant Inline comes with a couple of various flavors such as: 

• merchants can decide which digital currencies to accept on their checkout, making the payment checkout more personalized to the merchants’ requirements. 

• Merchants can also listen to callbacks using the inline.

We ‘ve also built crypto plugins for several major E-commerce platforms.

WooCommerce: Paychant WooCommerce plugin lets merchants accept bitcoin as a form of payment on their WooCommerce store.

Magento: Paychant Magento plugin allows smooth cryptocurrency payment on your Magento store.

PrestaShop: Paychant PrestaShop payment module allows Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be accepted as a payment method in any PrestaShop-based platform. Paychant main focus is to help large and small businesses in Africa build global customers, regardless of their location. To start accepting crypto payment, please visits https://paychant.com

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