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While technology and sports haven’t always seemed like a natural pairing, the two industries have worked great over the years. However, as we’ve seen through the years, there’s still room for improvement, even after technology has revolutionized the sports world. Nonetheless, technology is still playing a key role in perfecting sports, whether it is ensuring safety, fixing broken systems, or making great games more incredible. 

So, what are the biggest tech advancements that have helped take the sports industry to the next level? Let’s take a look.

1.  Hawk-Eye Technology

Hawk-eye technology has become a valuable tool in different sports, including tennis, football, cricket, and badminton. The technology visually tracks a ball’s trajectory to predict its path, making it a valuable source of information for Betway punters and other sports fans.

This technology is currently considered among the best technological advancements in sports as it helps viewers and bettors on leading betting platforms like Betway app download, to see how the ball travels after an impact. That makes it extremely valuable for making LBW decisions based on where the ball pitches and the impact on the batsman’s leg. 

2. Photo Finishes

You’ll want to be sure who wins the race, even when two racers have clocked the same hundredth of a second. Thanks to photo finishes, officials can crown a winner, even when two horses or athletes finish at the same time. This innovation works with every type of race, whether it’s dog racing, running, horse racing, or swimming. 

3. Above the Net Camera

Although the net camera technology is a little complex to understand how it works, it’s among the most game-changing innovations in hockey. The innovation involves having a camera above the net, primarily used to see the goals that pass through the line. This camera evidence has been used to overturn the outcome of different games and for the better since it offers an unequivocal answer on whether the rubber has passed the line or not. 

4. HANS Device

Before the invention of the HANS device, minor accidents were regularly fatal in motorsports. These accidents were considered as the race’s cost or mere bad luck. However, tragedies and injuries are now preventable using a neck and head support known as the HANS device. 

The device works like your regular airbag, but the raised polyester fabric and collar tethers to secure the driver’s head instead of an inflating cushion in a collision. That ensures there’s no overload in the skull bones, which can often cause head traumas. 

5. Wearable Computers

Wearable computers currently changing the sports industry measure hundreds of human metrics, including stress load, speed, heart rate, physical impact, core temperature, and metabolism. Innovators are also developing more wearables that can monitor deeper aspects of hydration levels, metabolic functions, and physical stress. These metrics help athletes keep improving, while coaches can use them to plan their squad according to their strengths and weaknesses. 


Technological advancements have proven to be quite valuable in sports as they offer different benefits, including ensuring the safety and health of the players. These advancements are set to continue benefiting our teams, sports, and players in different ways previously seen as impossible.

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