Building a savings culture has become more strained at this time, however, the need to save has definitely become more of a necessity than an option. With economic uncertainties,  Old Mutual has developed a 2-year Savings product with Life Cover. 

The experiences over the course of 2020/2021 have been a lesson in ensuring  one protects their family, health, and livelihood. It has become more  important to focus on a goal and work towards while at the same time  ensuring you are covered from unpredictable circumstances. This special  product allows an individual to save as well as obtain life cover up to 1 million  Naira.  

Old Mutual, the Nigerian subsidiary of Old Mutual Limited, pan-Africa’s leading  insurance firm and global financial services provider, has launched this in Nigeria  to further support individuals, families, and small business in achieving and  protecting their goals. This plan allows for a minimum monthly savings contribution 

of 5,000 Naira which can be increased annually.  

In her remark, the Executive Head, Marketing and Customer Experience, Old  Mutual Nigeria, Mrs. Alero Ladipo, said, “We are proud to introduce this well researched product designed to enable individuals and businesses achieve their  short-term financial objectives, particularly in these times of strong economic  headwinds and still maintain a life cover. The Old Mutual Short Savings Plan has a dynamic feature that allows the policyholder to withdraw up to 50% of saved  funds during the savings tenure as well as keep track of their balances to ensure  goals are being met. 

“We believe this product is timely for Nigeria today. There is a need for financial  institutions to encourage customers towards the meeting of their goals. It also re enforces our promise as Old Mutual of being a certain friend in certain times. The  plan is available to our customers on our e-commerce  portal in just a few  clicks and within five minutes of their time.” 


Old Mutual Life Assurance Company and Old Mutual Nigeria General Insurance  Company are part of the globally acclaimed Old Mutual brand, which has over 

175 years of experience in providing life assurance and wealth, personal finance  savings and general insurance services. 

Since its entry into the Nigerian market, Old Mutual had leveraged its heritage and expertise, launching a wide range of insurance solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Nigerian’s insurable population and corporate clients.

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