Having watched family and friends constantly struggle with online shopping to the point of abandoning their shopping cart on several occasions thereby setting up multiple accounts on different e-commerce platforms while still going through a rigorous checkout process, Samuel Chuwkunonso Eze, CEO, and Founder of OurPass took on the challenge to find a lasting solution to this problem.

About a year ago, Samuel embarked on research where he discovered 3 out of 4 shopping carts were abandoned on a yearly basis accounting for largely 75% of abandoned carts annually. Hence, this wasn’t just a consumer problem but also, merchants were constantly losing revenue from customers abandoning shopping carts due to the tedious online shopping process. 

This need to redefine the online shopping experience to a more pleasurable and stress-free one gave birth to the launch of OurPass.

OurPass product launch took place on Friday, 10th of September 2021, and in the words of Samuel Eze “OurPass is a mobile app that enables consumers to shop in one click thereby reducing abandoned carts and increasing sales for merchants. It makes buying online faster, easier, and safer for consumers to buy and merchants to sell thus increasing sales conversion rate and boosting sales overall.” In addition to all that, the app also invests heavily in the best technology to protect its user privacy and data security. 

To further drive more merchant acquisition and provide customers with a variety of e-commerce stores to shop from, OurPass acquired “Storemia” – the fastest and easiest tool to create an e-commerce website. 

Ex-CEO of Storemia, Bolu Oluwagbesan describes this partnership as “one of the most revolutionary in the Nigerian tech space. This is because Storemia is the easiest and fastest way to create an e-commerce website while OurPass is a one-click checkout tool for e-commerce stores – a very complementary combination,” he said.

All merchants need to do is sign-up on the OurPass platform once, provide their KYC (know your customer) and install the OurPass checkout button for their customers to shop from them in one click. For consumers, download the OurPass app, save your personal details and you can now checkout of any e-commerce store across the web with our fast checkout button in one click.

OurPass is going to the market with 3 major offers which include: 0.8% transaction fee capped at $1.89 (N1000), a very competitive 5% commission and free deliveries on every purchase. With these offerings, a win-win situation is expected for all. Consumers would enjoy the ease of shopping while merchants increase their sales.

How the OurPass app works.

After downloading the app and imputing your details, update your shipping address in your profile and fund your wallet to begin the shopping process. After funding your wallet, select the checkout option on the dashboard and click on explore platforms accepting one-click checkout. This would then bring up a variety of online stores that have installed the OurPass checkout button on their platforms and you can then select which merchant to shop from.

After selecting your preferred merchant, go through the items to shop and once you find what you’re looking for and click on it, you have 90 seconds to either confirm the transaction or cancel your selection. It’s that easy.

In addition to that, you can also use the app to pay bills. You can buy your mobile data, recharge cards, pay DSTV bills, etc.

Referred to as “Passengers,” the OurPass team is led by: Samuel Chwukwunonso Eze (CEO and Founder, OurPass), Gbeminiyi Laolu-Adewale – COO and Co-founder

Rogers Mugisa – CGO and Co-founder alongside other departmental heads. Here’s what our investors had to say about the product at the Friday launch.

Chinedum Ikeagbu – Angel Investor

“I’m super excited to be on board with the OurPass team. I am happy to invest and go on this journey because I know the future for one-time checkout solutions is so big. Amazon has tried, tested, and proven it in an industry that was worth $4.8 trillion in 2020 and is forecasted to grow into $6.4 trillion in 2024. So you won’t be wrong pushing for that in Africa with an e-commerce value of $5.7 billion as at 2017, and with a projected cumulative growth rate of 5-10% per year, you can imagine where that is taking us to. Also, I can’t wait to see what OurPass is doing with Storemia and I can’t wait to see that exciting future with the team. Always happy to be a passenger, continue soaring high.”

Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Founder Tekedia Capital

“I’m so excited for the whole team who have brought this project to life. When you look at it, it’s going to be very helpful for merchants and amazingly good for buyers because if we can reduce the friction buyers have when making purchases online, everybody will be happy. So I’m so excited that a new potential unicorn is born.”

Barbara Salami – Angel Investor

“I’m super excited to be on this amazing journey with the OurPass team as an investor. The platform resonates very well with me because it opens up access to Pan-African commerce opportunities. For customers, beyond having the ability to securely and conveniently place orders they can do that and get things from anywhere within Africa. Similarly, merchants, they can now have a broader reach with consumers from across Africa placing orders for their products. That is truly amazing and transformative.”

Isaac Ewaleifoh – Angel Investor

“I am a proud passenger and I couldn’t be more excited for the entire OurPass team. Working checkout solutions was introduced by Amazon and have become a modern-day convenience. So I couldn’t be more impressed by the entire OurPass team for building this solution for the African market. Here’s to the future.”

Samuel brought the event to an end by reiterating to every online shopper in Africa that OurPass has fully unlocked the web for them to make their purchases in one click whilst getting free deliveries for all purchases made.

To commence your journey to a stress-free online shopping experience with our one-click checkout solution, visit our website or download the app on the Google play store. You can also follow us on our social media pages: Twitter – @OurPassCo, Facebook –  @OurPassCo, LinkedIn – OurPass, and Instagram – @ourpass_co, to keep up with our latest offers and news.

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