A new epic adventure game, Jaru’s Journey, is set to be released on mobile platforms from the 30th of September 2021. 

The game plot revolves around Jaru, a young hunter who sets off on a quest to restore balance to the land by defeating the evil council of elders and bringing the magical Huturu guardian back to her tribe.

On her quest, Jaru will have to recruit allies to help fight against the evil council of elders in a bid to save their villages and restore peace and harmony to their land. In light of the current reality of villages being attacked by evil forces, Jaru’s Journey is a relatable story. 

Developed by Griot Studios and Amateur Heads Productions, the story draws inspiration from different indigenous cultures. 

“We’re really excited to share Jaru’s Journey with everyone. We’ve managed to weave together a familiar but entertaining story with engaging game play. We put a twist on our rich cultural heritage in the visuals and sounds, and overall feedback from early players has been very encouraging. We’re thrilled to share the current version with a larger audience.”, says the Lead Game Designer and Creative Director of Griot Studios, Ummi A. Yakubu. 

The game has an early access release from 30 September 2021 with downloads available for a select number of people. 

Players can gain access to the game by visiting www.jarusjourney.com and by following the social media handles @jarus_journey (Instagram) and @jarusjourneygame (Facebook).

An adventure awaits!

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