RxAll, a health technology company, has established its presence in Nigeria with the introduction of its services to the public via online and physical location of its products.

The move to establish a presence in Nigeria is an important step as the company work towards tackling a global challenge, counterfeit medication. This debut initiative of RxAll is underpinned by the company’s goal, “to work with drug regulatory agencies and other stakeholders to reduce fake medicines and make sure that patients access affordable high quality verified drugs, and help pharmaceutical companies make more sales while patients have better access to high quality drugs”.

Speaking to the media, Pharm. Adebayo Alonge, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of RxAll, said the company is a trusted marketplace for Quality Medicines, adding that apart from the on-demand virtual platform at your fingertip, the company is also doing a lot to make sure that patients get first-hand medications across its physical network of locations known as RxGO in the Southwestern part of the Country. Alonge said, “we provide an authentication platform through which regulators/pharmacies can authenticate medicines”.

He noted that while substandard drugs are eroding public confidence in healthcare systems globally, RxAll has come out to bridge a major gap in access to quality healthcare in Africa. According to him, “our journey to the market is based on our understanding of the challenges confronting the industry and the people. We have created solutions to address issues of wrong consumption of poor-quality drugs and accessibility to appropriate drugs through the RxAll corporate brand that will ensure interface with all members of the pharma supply value chain”. 

In his submission, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, pointed out that, “from the manufacturers of drugs to the pharmacists that are involved in the distribution, our products and services are designed to enable every player to experience safe, sound and healthy moments during the business transaction and consumption of the drug”.

RxAll is looking to distribute its products across the country to help pharmaceutical companies reach their full potential. “We are in the country with a range of tech-driven products and services that we will be introducing to various sectors of the society based on the readiness of the market”, Pharm. Adebayo Alonge added. One of these products includes the RxScanner which is designed for instant drug quality testing. This new and innovative device is designed to ensure an increase in worldwide access to affordable quality medications, and specifically, to identify the quality of prescription drugs in twenty seconds without destroying the sample. 

Also, the company has a drug delivery platform, Rxdelivered, which enables pharmacies and patients to buy affordable and authenticated drugs from its wholesale network on cash or credit with self pickup and deliver to me options.

Through its RxGO pharmacy franchise brand it uses its RxScanner and RxPOS deep technologies to ensure availability and access to authenticated quality medications for patients. The RxGO network of physical pharmacies provide patients with in-person pharma care, medical diagnostics as well as telemedicine with nursing support. Its patients also benefit from 30min home deliveries and are able to pay in-person and online (now or later) for their medications through its RxPay wallet as well as through its HMO partners. Its physical RxGO stores currently dominate cities such as Ibadan and Osogbo with ongoing plans to open up new stores in cities across Nigeria in coming months with the goal to ensure that all Nigerians can access affordable authenticated medicines within 30 minutes in their homes or through walk-ins.

Although RxAll has a busy journey ahead, the company is showing confidence in their strategy to ensure every Nigerian has access to affordable quality drugs.

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