Changera cards allow you to spend like a local anywhere you go

Cross-border payment platform, Changera has expanded its financial services by launching Virtual cards for users to perform online dollar transactions without worrying about their monthly spending limit. 

The Virtual Card is the latest rollout of more diffused features of Changera ranging from borderless money transfer, peer-to-peer payments, diaspora remittance to airtime, data, utility purchase and more.  Launched in May 2021 as a flagship product of Bitmama Inc., Changera aims to bridge the cross-border payment gap that exists when doing country-to-country funds transfer within Africa and globally. 

A recent report by Nigeria’s Central Bank reveals that the rate of FX inflows through the banking system by Nigerians living in diaspora plunged by 24% when compared to the $5.6 billion reported in the same period last year. The value of global cross-border payments in the retail sector is also predicted to rise from $1.95 trillion in 2016 to $3.56 trillion in 2022. This upward projection further underscores the need for secure payments solutions that are equally flexible for millions of users when performing online payment transactions. 

Changera has two categories of users who are able to enjoy financial services without the worry of card limits and limited card access to platforms  —  individuals who perform personal transactions and businesses with access to a more extensive suite of features, such as multi-currency payment options for their remote workers or in their preferred home-country currencies. 

To enable users’ safety when moving money from country to country seamlessly, Changera has a strict verification process that weeds out and truncates ingenuine transactions. The overall goal of Changera is also to give users the opportunity to conduct online transactions by easing the global money transfer process while ensuring users’ funds are secure. 

Commenting on the new rollout, Victor Anunobi, Product Manager of Changera says “Our virtual card works exactly like a regular card, however, it doesn’t restrict the user from certain platforms and gives them unlimited access to users’ funds. We’ve seen an increase in cross-border payments and diaspora remittance in recent times, and with the new African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) being ratified by most African countries, it makes a cogent timing to unveil the Changera Virtual Cards for merchants looking to stem businesses hassles and execute digital transactions.   Changera users are also protected from risks as the virtual card is not attached to the main account and users can only spend the funds preloaded onto their Changera virtual cards’ 

How does the Changera Virtual Card work?

Changera is currently available to iOS and Android users. You can easily access the Changera Virtual Cards by downloading the Changera app from your App Store or Play Store 

The app is designed to give users a seamless user experience when transacting online or making cross-border payments.  Once downloaded,   mobile app users can navigate to the ‘Cards” section and click on “Get Card”. As soon as all required details are inputted such as preferred currency, card type, payment method, wallet and select “pay”, the Virtual card is created instantly. 

Beyond the limitless transactions and multiple platforms acceptance,  card acceptance on all online platforms,  users are also able to Create different cards for different services such as AWS, Netflix, Facebook google ads, Google in-app and store purchases, Skype, etc. 

About Changera 

Changera is a flagship payment product of Bitmama Inc., a blockchain company providing crypto payment solutions to African and global users. Changera is built on the blockchain infrastructure and allows users to send and receive money globally and securely. The app is currently used by thousands of users on the iOS and Android platforms. 

Users can simply visit the Playstore or App Store to download the app and create their virtual cards for online transaction purposes. 
For more information, visit Changera’s official website:; or email:

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