Obiex Finance, the go-to trading platform for both new and experienced crypto traders alike has listed two very important coins on the platform that are set to make the lives of every crypto enthusiast much easier.

Obiex has always been focused on making trading experiences as easy as possible with the free of charges and no confirmation needed trading. They have now gone a step further to list Wakanda Inu (WKD) and Naira X (NGNX) much to the delight of crypto enthusiasts in the space.

Wakanda Inu Token ($WKD) is the latest and most successful meme coin to come out of Africa and has seen a trading volume of over $48m, and up to 300% increase in price since its launch in barely a week.

The project is being described as a movement that embodies the African desire to be more and claims to speak the voices of all marginalized people in the world aiming to foster poverty alleviation, promote charity, spread crypto awareness, and bolster the aspirations of people everywhere. It’s no wonder the Wakanda Inu community boasts over 21,000 members on Telegram. 

Obiex has listed Wakanda Inu (WKD) so it is easily accessible for trading all around the world. 

How to buy Wakanda Inu ($WKD) on Obiex

You can buy Wakanda Inu on Obiex with NGNX, USDT, USDC or BUSD or deposit into your WKD wallet on Obiex.

With NGNX being listed on Obiex, users can now easily deposit money using a Peer-to-Peer Platform and also withdraw directly to their bank account.

The NGNX is pegged to the value of Naira meaning 1 NGNX = 1 Naira.

NGNX can be deposited by sending Naira to a verified merchant on Obiex, and withdrawn directly to your bank account.

How to use NGNX P2P on Obiex

To use NGNX, you will be required to input your BVN to confirm your identity, after which you’ll be able to deposit, withdraw and swap NGNX.

N.B Inputting your BVN doesn’t permit Obiex to view your bank balances.

How to Deposit Naira on Obiex using NGNX

  1. Input the amount of Naira you wish to deposit
  2. Pick one of the vetted merchants to make payment to
  3. Make payment to the bank account of the provided merchant. N.B a charge of NGN 100 is required
  4. Confirm within the designated time that you have made payment, and the Naira will appear on your NGNX wallet balance.

How to withdraw Naira on Obiex using NGNX

  1. Click on withdraw and input the Naira amount you wish to withdraw to your bank account.
  2. Add a bank account you’ll like to receive the money
  3. Pick a vetted merchant to receive payment from. [N.B a charge of NGN 150 is required on every Naira withdrawal].
  4. Enter your Obiex transactional pin and 2 factor authentication code.
  5. Confirm payment once money has been received in your account.

Buy WKD, BTC and USDT with NGNX on Obiex

You can get WKD, BTC and USDT with NGNX by swapping from NGNX to any of these assets.

Download the Obiex app today to enjoy an easy trading experience.

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