Diagon is a living community. Our revolution is young but spreading quickly. DGN has been designed as a growth hormone to take the toddler to maturity. We are a growing blockchain gaming platform built on the Binance smart chain, poised to recruit crusaders for the revolution of the crypto gaming industry. Consequently, the plains have been leveled for gamers to play and earn as much as $1000! The first edition of our hyper-casual gaming challenge has been dated for Friday, 26th November, 23:59 GMT+1, an experience that unites the intrigue, the fun, the pressure, and the prize, in one wrap!

The PlayToEarn gaming platform within the crypto space is a growing trend that has gained traction in recent months. This is owing to the positive changes, such as increased freedom to grow the gaming economy and the ability to gain rewards for trading in-game assets.

With our hyper-casual games, game enthusiasts can now earn while having fun. Our gaming platform is a cutting-edge, next-generation economy with enormous potential for expansion.


The first challenge will commence on November 26th at 23:59 GMT+1 and will last only for 24 hours. Everyone who wants to participate in the Casual Game Challenge will play the community-voted web game for the entire time limit and strive for the greatest score.

The system will keep track of each user’s TOTAL HIGHEST SCORE during the Casual Gaming Challenge.


To participate in the Diagon Casual Gaming Challenge;

1. The Casual Gamer’s wallet must contain at least 100 DGN tokens.

2. The Casual Gamer’s wallet must contain at least 10 CSL tokens.

The above requirements only apply to the maiden edition of the game, click here to see how to buy our tokens. 

You can obtain our DGN and CSL tokens by visiting this here. Tokens can be purchased with BTC, ETH, BNB, or USDT (BEP 20 & TRC 20). It is important to note that your tokens will remain yours even after the challenge; it will only serve as a condition to participating in the Gaming Challenge.


All Diagon gaming challenge participants will receive the ecosystem’s incentive token, iDGN, which they will be able to trade after it is listed. The winners will be awarded CSL tokens instantly as there will be enough liquidity on Pancake Swap for swapping with other tokens or cashing out.

To learn more about the Diagon three token system powering the platform, click here.  The exciting cash prizes to be won by gamers with the highest scores are listed below:

WINNER — $1,000 worth of Casual (CSL) tokens.

1ST RUNNER UP — $500 worth of Casual (CSL) tokens.

2ND RUNNER UP — $200 worth of Casual (CSL) tokens.

Diagon aims to be one of the fastest-growing blockchain gaming platforms as we look forward to strategically partnering with leading tech and blockchain organizations. Our core team is made up of individuals with extensive experience in the gaming and technology industries. Extending the reach of our ecosystem to Utility and NFTs was the foremost feature of our recent structural rebrand. The maiden edition of our hyper-casual gaming challenge is a step to initiate our share of impact on the gaming industry.

To participate in the games, log on to our website to create an account with Diagon. 

Kindly click here to follow us on all our social media platforms for updates. This is your step to experiencing better casual gaming services within the crypto space.

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