Dogecoin’s price appears to be approaching the zone of high probability reversal, indicating that an uptrend is likely to begin shortly. Meanwhile, HUH Token looks set for a price surge on its debut and then potential volatility until as finds its feet.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin’s subsequent rally has a good chance of retesting the range high and pushing above it to establish new highs. As a result, investors should pay close attention to current levels, which indicate a buy signal.

Dogecoin’s price has rallied 13% in the last six days and is currently approaching the trading range’s midpoint of $0.205. A break below this level is likely to push DOGE into the buy zone, which extends from $0.190 to $0.200.

A break below this level is likely to spark increased buying activity, thereby kicking off an upswing. Investors can anticipate the Dogecoin price to retest the range high of $0.227 in this scenario. Market makers, on the other hand, will be looking for liquidity above the $0.238 swing high. Retesting this level will result in a 20% run-up.

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In a bullish scenario, Dogecoin’s price could rise to $0.256, a 28 percent increase from $0.200.

On the other hand, if Dogecoin’s price fails to hold above the buy zone, which ranges between $0.190 and $0.200, it indicates a buyer’s weakness. This development will result in a decline of DOGE to the range low of $0.183.

Here, buyers have a second chance at redemption if they band together. A daily close below $0.183, on the other hand, will result in a lower low, invalidating the bullish outlook.

HUH Token (HUH)

HUH Token is launching on PancakeSwap today and the price could see a debut surge due to strong fundamentals and solid presale levels. According to its creators, HUH Token’s presale allocation almost sold out completely.

The current value of the token is $1 = 177 HUH Tokens, meaning the initial price will start at $0.00564. The first psychological barrier for HUH Token will be at $0.00600. If it can break this barrier then the new crypto could see a surge upward on its debut. Plenty of volatility is to be expected as the new token finds its feet.

Traders cashing in on any upswings will fuel the volatility as the long-term bulls start to form a base over the next few weeks.

According to their White Paper HUH Token has a total supply of 888 billion, with 1% (8,880,000,000) already allocated during the presale. It also has a normal buy fee of 15% and a normal sell fee of 20%. These tokens will be allocated in the following ways:

Normal Buy Fee: 15%:

-5% LP Acquisition

-5% HUH Token Redistribution

-5% Marketing Wallet

Normal Sell Fee: 20%:

-10% LP Acquisition

-5% HUH Token Redistribution

-5% Marketing Wallet

HUH Token will also have a Dev Wallet of 5% which will pay developers to continue improving HUH Token and adapting it for the future.

The Marketing Wallet is at 10% and HUH has a large marketing strategy and is rumored to have top social media influencers signed on to help promote the token.

HUH Token aims to be listed on around 100 exchanges within the first 12 months. The creators say that they always provide back to the LP (Liquidity Pool) to dampen volatility. They have also locked in $1 million of liquidity for 2 years from launch to further enhance this sentiment, which should encourage long-term holders.

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