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Saving money has become a lifestyle commitment for many young Nigerians, especially with the way new digital banks are coming on board.

Before now, people were just okay with having a savings account. Now, we care more about what that account can do for us. 

With 2022 well underway, many of us have laid our savings goals for the year before the first paycheck comes. If you do not already have a savings platform, Kredi Bank is assuring you of one that will help you do much more with your money and earn amazing returns. If you do, then a 17% interest on your Kredi savings should change your mind. Now that is what an incredible digital bank offers you – an account that is not just another bank account.

“We’ve spent the past ten years or more helping individuals and business owners make better financial decisions,” says MD/CEO of Kredimoney Microfinance Bank, Afolabi Abimbola. 

“With our new digital bank, Kredi, we now have a digitized process that offers a faster, easier and secure way to save money while raking in incredible returns,” he added.

With Kredi Bank, you can save money daily and earn more money, lock your money for a fixed period and receive amazing interests, set targets, and get jaw-dropping interests as you save towards them and/or save towards the education of your children/wards with cool interests to follow. 

These come with the extra benefits of enjoying an end-to-end digital banking experience.

“One thing we have also done to help people save better is to offer instant loans, so whenever you’re in a fix, you do can easily take a loan without having to break your savings,” explained Mr Afolabi Abimbola. 

Interestingly, these loans are also available to SMEs and Salary Earners and are collateral-free.

“We hope Nigerians can take advantage of these offerings and keep up with their savings culture, while also leaning on our various loan supports for difficult moments.”

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