Incorporated as a company in 2016 with only 60 schools and expanding to over 150 schools within the same year, EDVES has been providing educational technology solutions to K-12 schools in Africa and has since then evolved to become an established leader with high-level adoption and usage within the Edtech and digital infrastructure space by providing educational support structure with technology.

The learning and management system was developed through in-depth research and years of iteration and closeness with the market, and now it has evolved to become one of the most sought after consumer-focused tools that pay attention to the needs of parents, teachers, educators, school owners, administrators, and students.

In December 2021, Edves achieved a market-rare milestone of signing up its 1000th school spread across 5 different African countries (Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe), with Ethiopia being the most recent addition making it the 6th Country.

There are over 75,000 K-12 schools in Nigeria alone, so the milestone is just a scratch on the surface. However, with the company’s strength in technology and proven ability to speedily deploy solutions to address consumer needs, the dimension of market-fit is expected to spread the tentacles of EDVES SUITE far and wide, continuously positioning EDVES SUITE as an Edtech leader with real impact.

A testament to the effectiveness and functionality of the EDVES SUITE can be seen in the quality of schools that have been onboarded so far, all of which are highly ranked and known for their exceptional educational standards and academic excellence. Some of these schools include Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls; Atlantic Hall, Temple Schools, IQRA Education Centre (Ghana), LePosh School, MD School, Dansol Schools, Grace School, Kids Court School, The Foreshore School, The Concord School.

Speaking on EDVES’ usefulness to their respective schools were administrators, owners, teachers, and educators from some of the above-listed schools. For Niyata Krishnan, Headteacher at Vivian Fowler College; the unique customizable portal design of the EDVES SUITE is one of her favorite features of the platform as it allows “customized design templates for different purposes in line with the vision of the school.” In addition to that, the school owners and administrators reiterated and applauded EDVES’ customer orientation and willingness to listen to their suggestions and opinions.

What stands out for Temple schools is “how EDVES centralizes information from all four Temple School locations such that information from all our schools can be easily coordinated and viewed at a glance,” Founder/Executive Director, Mrs. Shirley Okharedia said. This sentiment was also shared by other school administrators who had challenges with coordinating their school database and centralizing information.

These features distinguish EDVES from other Edtech products in the market and have driven its high adoption across the continent such that in 5 years – 1000 schools, 258k students, 118k parents, and 37k teachers have all been onboarded on the EDVES platform. Data from the administrative desk in 2021 alone reveals that school-to-parent Email and SMS engagement recorded was 2.61 million and 450,000 respectively; while total school fees payment processed (Card, Bank to Bank, and In-branch payment) via the EDVES SUITE in the same year amounted to N3.3 billion with 31,847 receipts distributed via SMS, Portal, and Email.

In 2021, the data from the academic segment show that student class attendance was at 7.2 million. In addition to that, 3.2 million quiz questions were attempted by the students while 11,000 class quizzes (with an average of 18 students per quiz) and assessments were taken. A total of 20,488 class lesson notes were shared on the platform with the video lessons recording over 180,000 views within a few months after feature release. 

These statistics show the empirical functionality and effectiveness of the EDVES SUITE and how it has been of great help in digitizing students’ learning journey and administrative dimensions of the market segment.

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