Hiring vetted agents to do your chores and run your errands; the convenient future is here.

Chorenet Technology Limited launches Chore, an African-based mobile app, with the intention of making Lagosians’ lives easier. It is no lie that doing chores and running errands can be very stressful — especially in the busy city of Lagos.

In a world where everything is personalised and digital, finding it hard to run your errands and do your chores using digital means is a big problem, and Chore exists as the perfect solution. 

Unlike how it is with existing means to tackle this problem, with Chore, users get linked with Chore Agents/Companies instantly, and do not have to wait hours or days to get the services done.

Also with Chore, users get the option to negotiate, chat/call agents in real time, easily track and monitor requests with an optimized and safe mode of making payments. 

When people hear the word “Chore”, it generally symbolizes stress and it induces an unpleasant feeling or mood. This is because despite the stressful nature, it still remains a must do. We are on a mission to redefine that narrative. When you hear the word “Chore”, we no longer want it to symbolize stress, but something you can easily cross off your to-do list effortlessly.

What better way to do that than name the solution with what used to be the problem? Because to us it’s not only physical, but also a psychological approach to the solution.

  Samuel Faseun 

CEO/Co-Founder, Chore. 

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Chore does not just solve the problem on the demand side, but also on the supply side. A lot of Lagosians are willing to run errands and do chores as a profession, and Chore offers them the opportunity. Their work hours will be entirely decided by them, so there is no chance they get overused or overwhelmed with work. Chore offers the agents a real employment opportunity with flexible work hours.

Not just individuals get to enjoy this, companies also have the chance to become agents on Chore, offer the same services they already offer, and get access to a broader market. It is an opportunity for these traditional companies to evolve with the world and go digital. 

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About Chore:

Co-founded by Samuel Faseun, a senior product designer with over 6 years design experience; and Olajide Afeez, a senior software engineer with 10 years programming experience — Chore is a mobile application for hiring vetted agents to do your chores and run your errands in real time. 

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Twitter: @chore_ng

Facebook: facebook.com/getchore.ng

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/chore


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