With background checks on employees and partners: we help SMEs prevent fraud, improve service delivery, and enable transparency, so business owners can grow their workforce with peace of mind.”

Running a business is hard. Running a business with dubious employees is impossible. 

Verified.africa, a trusted identity verification provider for hundreds of progressive brands in Africa, has launched a new and easy platform for SMEs and households to screen potential staff before they hire them—using important data such as home address and BVN.

As a business owner or family head, knowing the people you hire and being able to track them if something goes awry is just as important as any other activity in protecting your assets and preventing fraud.

In an increasingly online world, the same digital identities that enable anyone to access products and services online from their mobile device is the same technology that can be used to recognize who these people are and their location.

Employee Check Service by Verified.Africa is the easiest solution for background checks on prospective employees, so you can vet whoever you want to hire speedily.

“As we work with Pan-African businesses, we saw that there was a neglected market who were still getting defrauded by dubious people. Verification platforms can seem so complicated to a small/medium-sized business owner and some of them may not even be aware of its possibilities”. – Joseph Badru, Product Owner at Verified.Africa.

“So we decided to strip the bells and whistles to create a solution that’s as easy as sending an email. With Employee Check Service, the true identities of one to hundreds of staff can be validated without the customer having to lift a finger or even understand the technicalities of identity verification”

Background checks are the best way for SMEs to preserve the integrity, growth, and reputation of their business from dubious staff and partners.

By verifying employees and their guarantors, you make sure they’re exactly who they say they are. And you also have a strong means of identifying them after they leave your business with data like BVN, NIN, and address verification.

Verified Africa’s Employee Check Service (ECS) platform has now made these background checks truly affordable, easy to perform, and fast. You no longer need to manually conduct your checks or depend on people’s words and documents alone. 

ECS connects to the largest base of IDs in Africa, helping you compare the data an individual submits to you, to the original documents contained in the national database. 

When this data aligns, you can be sure the individual is genuine and you have a way of reaching them no matter where they are. When this data is false, you’re immediately notified and you can decide best on what to do afterward. 

Identity Verification is the new way to conduct business. Wave goodbye to petty costs, fraud, and lost time. Grow your genuine workforce with Employee Check service

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About Verified.Africa

Verified.Africa is a product of our parent company, Seamfix Ltd, a technology partner for thousands of global organizations on their journey of Digital Transformation for business growth and customer satisfaction.

Through our Verification Platform, businesses in Africa can easily verify the identity of customers, partners, and employees – helping them grow their customer base faster, prevent fraud and operate with better turnover.

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