Just like yesterday, we remembered how Konn3ct started less than2yearsago and now, we are expanding to India through a partnership with Infocareer Pvt Ltd. 

In case you don’t know, Konn3ct started in 2020 as an internal work tool for the Company employees which was later repackaged as the pioneer platform from Africa for the Worldwide market. Since foundingKonn3ct in2020, the platform now connects thousands of people in Nigeriaanddiaspora for virtual personal and business meetings daily. Konn3ct is an encompassing virtual meeting platform that allows you to meet and collaborate with your team members anywhere in the world. One of our visions is to see this Nigerian-made solution used all over the world and India is a strategic country to achieve the above: Indiaisoneofthe fastest-growing economy in the world.

Consequently, we found a worthy partnership with InfoCareer, an Indian-based provider of learning and assessment platforms/frameworks named ICLeaFTM. 

Info career will bring her years of global experience and stamina to guide clients through new and often disruptive realities. 

With this partnership, we hope to bring about a better relationship between Nigeria and India by providing solutions and employment opportunities to both countries. 

Over the last few months, we have integrated our robust konn3ct platform with ICLeaFTM and the essence of this partnership is for both Companies to deliver each other products as standalone and as integrated platforms exclusively in each other territories. 

Together with our partner, we will continue to deliver an amazing virtual experience in Nigeria, India, and the world at large. New waves, this partnership will increase our Worldwide market share and generate the much needed foreign exchange for both Companies. 

The Chief Enabling Officer of New waves said this partnership apart from generating the much-needed foreign exchange, shall generate more employment in Nigeria by increasing the number of our employee’s tenfolds within the next year. We are looking forward to a significant international market share and presence with this partnership.

Femi Williams said “As the International market requires continuous innovation, we are going to launch version 3.0 soon. This includesKonn3ct Mobile APP and Konn3ct Chat which will redefine our platforms Extended Collaboration Tool for the delight of our Clients”. 

Mr. A Chandrasekaran the CEO and Founder of Info career said“ We believe in the Nigerian market and the capacity of New waves to increase our market share and support our platform in Nigeria. We are ready to work together and support each other as partners to make our both platforms better for the benefit of our markets. 


NewWaves Ecosystem is an emerging powerhouse in Information Technology solution provision whose solutions are robust, future-proof, and easy to use with world-class business continuity and cutting-edge technologies. NewWaves has developedKonn3ct, an online meeting and a web-conferencing solution, the first of such platforms in Africa. The platform is currently being used by Nigerians and Nigerians in Diaspora. 


Info career Pvt Ltd is in the business of providing mentoring, consulting services, ITproduct development, and IT solutions on multiple platforms to its clients/customers. Info career has developed a learning and assessment platform/framework namedICLeaFTM, and mentoring/training services with e-learning content in project Management, Agile, Risk Management, Business Requirements and more.

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