The Professor Ayodele Awojobi Design Competition is the leading innovation and technology competition across all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Striving to make a greater impact each year, the innovation competition is here with another edition; PAADC 6.0 which is themed Innovating beyond Imagination. 

A brainchild of the University of Lagos Engineering Society (ULES), PAADC in the past 5 editions has raked in more than 1400 applications and is recognized in over 80 tertiary institutions. PAADC was created to encourage the creation of indigenous solutions by undergraduates to Nigerian challenges through science and technology. 

The competition is currently receiving applications and the stakes are even higher this year. For this edition, finalists stand a chance to win a share of the 4.5 million naira grand prize. The chairman for this edition, Ridwan Ganiy explained why the body decided to significantly increase the grand prize for this edition. “The economy is constantly changing and this affects the cost of things, hence an increase in the prize money. At PAADC, we strive to give our winners a platform for validation, while also easing the financial barriers of the startup ecosystem. The importance of easing these barriers became more pronounced after conversations with past finalists. This prompted us to go back to the drawing board and come up with a grand prize that reflects the dynamic state of our economy. Consequently, the increase in the grand prize reflects our continuous dedication to support young innovators in the varsity scene.” 

Students from tertiary institutions across the country are eligible to participate in the competition. Consequently, interested students can visit the PAADC website to begin their applications. Speaking on what kind of applications the body intends to receive this year, Adeniyi Adebayo (Head, Competition body & Scope) said “We hope to receive disruptive ideas that would make us challenge the status quo and reshape our society.”

PAADC applications are completely free and open to every undergraduate in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Sticking with the competition’s norm, PAADC 6.0 is accepting innovative ideas that cater to five major sectors, which are; Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Essential Services, and Environmental Sustainability. 

The planning committee for this edition has several things planned to make this edition a success. The deputy chairman, Sheriff Alabi shared a few plans with us. “In addition to the competition cycle, which comprises the masterclass and a one-year incubation for winners, we launched the PAADC Nexus. A monthly session where we discuss disruptive innovation, technology, and the startup ecosystem. We have also begun Campus Tours to foster the growth of PAADC communities in the 80+ campuses where we are present. We hope to continue promoting undergraduate innovations while transforming our universities into talent development and innovation hubs.” 

To sum it up, PAADC 6.0 is on the lookout for disruptive solutions that can create new markets and mitigate pressing issues in these sectors using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Applications commenced on the 30th of May and will close on the 15th of July. Visit to begin your application. 

The PAADC team anticipates your disruptive solutions!

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