The Initiative aims to improve gender equality in the technology sector

Young women in the technology and innovation industry deserve the opportunity to pursue their dreams in inclusive environments. As they look to begin their careers in this demanding industry, The Drive for Women in Tech initiative strives to become that launchpad for young women as they build careers in tech-related disciplines.

Bolt’s #Drive4WITech, introduced in 2021, is an internship program for young women who choose to start a career in technology regardless of their existing educational background. The goal for Bolt is to equip the nine selected interns from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya with the knowledge and tools, and hands-on experience required to expand their career paths into different areas in technology.

After a rigorous selection process, Bolt selected three young women to participate in the program in Nigeria. They include Kenechi Jacob, an Industrial Relations and Personnel Management student at the University of Benin, and Elizabeth Chukwu, and Isabelle Marinze who are Accounting and Business Administration students respectively from the University of Lagos.

The interns began their forays into the industry working alongside the team at Bolt in Nigeria as well as the larger global organization through which they get to contribute to building the fastest-growing on-demand mobility company in Europe and Africa. Elizabeth and Kenechi both join Bolt’s ride-hailing and food operations teams respectively, while Isabelle Marinze will work within the marketing team.

With varied backgrounds and career aspirations, through this opportunity offered by Bolt’s #Drive4WITech, the intelligent young women will stand as immutable proof points to the known fact that with more women, organizations achieve true diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sector. Bolt recognizes this need and as an inclusive tech company, it is committed to the advancement of the field through gender inclusiveness.  

The growth of the technology industry is key to our development as a nation and a continent and through the #Drive4WITech initiative, Bolt remains a key driver in the long-term boosting of Nigeria’s economy and the growth of gender equality.

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