A lot of lives can be saved if there are emergency responses to health crises, catastrophic events, or access to operational medical care. But the experience is quite the opposite, considering the fact that there is a huge shortage in the number of medical staff per population, the health sector  is underfunded and the staff members do not get paid for their worth.

This is the gap Eight medical seeks to fill by proffering a solution to prevent delayed medical interventions and avoidable deaths by providing a platform for people to know what to do, who to call, or where to go in emergency cases. They call it “911 for Africa” – a platform that connects emergency medical responders on motorcycles to users in distress in 10 minutes or less.

The founder and CEO of EightMedical – Dr. Tunde-Oni Ibukun, had experienced the loss of two close relatives, an uncle to a severe asthma attack while on his way to the hospital (he was stuck in traffic) and another uncle to a heart attack while he was home with his family during Christmas (his wife didn’t know what to do or who to call). 

He channeled his grief to passion for as many that would find themselves in that position and might need desperate medical attention. In his pursuit to solve this problem, Eight medical became his platform to sustain lives.

In a recent pitch at the virtual conference with JICA and NIKKEI, Dr. Tunde-Oni mentioned that he is “a 3x founder with one exit in the mobility and healthcare space”. 

Since inception, the EightMedical team has grown their responder network to 375+, processed 12500 distressed calls, and responded to 5000+ people. They’re currently raising funds for $1 million SAFE to be able to develop their own platform, and optimize service delivery, so as to execute a full scale pilot that covers 20 million people in Lagos over the next 18 months.

Eight medical is known as  a network of pre-hospital care professionals that provide urgent and emergency care when it matters most. They work round the clock to ensure you and your loved ones can get access to proper care in your time of need. Check out their website: https://www.8medical.co.

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