DriveMe, Africa’s one-stop mobility technology company, and Motor Africa by envío, offering a marketplace for vehicle owners to lease out cars and connect with verified drivers offering commercial services on the Bolt platform, are excited to announce their partnership, which is geared towards getting more well-trained and vetted drivers operating in the e-hailing market.

DriveMe is committed to tackling the issues plaguing the African mobility space, such as poor driver education, low access to professional/verified drivers, and a dearth of value for the driving profession, resulting in low driver earnings, while utilizing technology.

According to Damilola Odunlade-Akeju, CEO/Founder of DriveMe, “We are strategic about our partnerships. This one with Envío is important to us as the relationship brings us a step closer to our impact goals that include increasing safety for e-hailing drivers and users, reducing road traffic accidents, and providing access to digital driver education for drivers starting from Nigeria.”

Envío, the SaaS that seeks to enhance the mobility experience in Africa by providing technology infrastructure for peer-to-peer vehicle leasing and financing for commercial mobility, believes this partnership aligns with the strategic goals of both companies.

According to Sylvester Chude, CEO/Co-founder of envío, “Data is the future of any business, and with the advent of IOT’s, Cloud computing, and Big Data, the world has truly become a global village. We understand that data is a critical component of managing the overwhelming challenges that come with commercial mobility. The quality of human capacity complements the use of technology towards the goal of creating a new experience in the commercial mobility sector”.

About DriveMe

DriveMe is a mobility technology company that provides businesses with access to professional drivers and digital driver education; through a one-stop platform.

About Envío 

Motor Africa by envío is a SaaS company that leverages connected vehicle technology to enhance the mobility experience in Africa with a strategic business model that is driven by zero integration costs. We are powering the future of mobility in Africa, one city at a time.

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