Titi Taiwo, COO at TERAWORK, Charles O’Tudor, Group Principal Consultant at ADSTRAT BMC, Teju Abisoye, Executive Secretary at LSETF, and Femi Taiwo, CEO at TERAWORK.

The maiden edition of #BeyondWork, a TERAWORK initiative that aims to bring freelancers and cerebral thinkers into one space to dissect the issues affecting the workplace and workforce, held on the 10th of September, 2022.

Workout session led by Yinka Davies.

The health-conscious hybrid event, which was held via Zoom and at the TERAWORK corporate offices in Lagos, Nigeria, brought together a cross-section of top freelance professionals and experts for issue-based conversations about the future of work and the workplace. Also included in the event was a warm-up session with Yinka Davies and free medical investigation/diagnosis and consultation.

Yinka Davies

“#BeyondWork…is a “feng shui” atmosphere that is best created by you. #BeyondWork is about finding a cause to believe in and truly live for after the routinous grind we find ourselves in that has never given us satisfaction.” – Yinka Davies

As a brand that cares for its community, #BeyondWork by TERAWORK achieved its goal to inspire freelancers, address the fears of the entrepreneurship/freelance market, and defeat the stereotype that freelancing is not sustainable by sharing stories of excellence within the space. All of these align with TERAWORK’s community vision of aiding the provision of the best services by freelancers.

Salem King

“The future of work is democratic. Anything that anybody knows, they learned it, and if they learned it, it means you can also learn it. Even when we think about work, we must consider preserving our humanity. The healthier you are – mentally, physically, or emotionally – the more of an impact you can make.” – Salem King.

Focusing on the organisation’s long-term goal to take outsourcing to the next level by offering a robust platform that matches customers with the most suitable freelancers for their job offers, TERAWORK believes that the #BeyondWork event will help freelancers to gain a broader view of the role of their health in their career and economic advancement.

Cross-section of attendees at the #BeyondWork event.

According to TERAWORK’s CEO, Femi Taiwo, “It cannot just be the norm. For our freelancers, TERAWORK is not just to connect them to the next gig; it’s about a safe and borderless community to work, doing jobs they are passionate about and in good health, getting the right support and timely rewards and fulfillment for their sweats, and truly creating wealth. For our customers, it can’t just be about hiring and managing talents, but getting values for every dime spent on talent and truly growing their enterprises and our economy, regardless of the ‘japa’ syndrome.”

L-R: Charles O’Tudor, Group Principal Consultant at ADSTRAT BMC: Titi Taiwo, COO at TERAWORK: Salem King; Yinka Davies, and Femi Taiwo, CEO at TERAWORK.

Often referred to as the “Fiverr for Africa”, TERAWORK is focused on giving Africa’s growing gig economy a boost by providing a platform for the thousands of individuals, agencies, and SMEs who are offering and engaging freelance services on TERAWORK. And through the #BeyondWork initiative, it seeks to build on its successes and that of its users continuously.


TERAWORK is a one-stop online freelance marketplace where anyone, especially business owners, can hire freelance professionals or agencies offering varieties of professional services on-demand as needs arise to handle their tasks, projects, and outsourcing needs extending to weeks or months to grow their businesses and create economic values.

Join thousands of happy customers who trust us to provide the right talent for their businesses. TERAWORK is a recipient of Google Black Founders Funding, the 2022 One-to-Watch Award Winner for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation by the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK), the winner of the Village Capital 2021 Future of Work Accelerator Programme, and a 2021 NASDAQ Milestone Maker. Local recognitions include support from Lagos State Science Research and Innovation Council (LASRIC), FATE Foundation, etc.  

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