Errandlr is a startup based in Nigeria that offers technology services to logistic and retail companies. You can think of ErrandLR as the Paystack for Logistics. 

Founded in April 2021 by Babajide Fowotade and Adeniyi Ibukun, part of their mission is to streamline retail transaction processes to facilitate local and international trade.

ErrandLR API has features such as bulk deliveries, allowing business owners to deliver multiple items at a low cost. Bulk deliveries are discounted to N1,200 per item to be delivered. Now, Errandlr is introducing its API feature, enabling businesses to offer convenient, effective order fulfillment and affordable last-mile delivery to their customers. 

With this feature, business owners can easily integrate its API with an online store using a flexible API that can be adapted to different business requirements. They also provide easy to install plugin’s for ecommerce stores on WordPress and shopify. Click here to begin integrating our service to solve all your logistic challenges.

Since its launch, Errandlr has on-boarded retail business owners and e-commerce stores, who use Errandlr’s app to run and handle logistics challenges for their businesses.

Errandlr only operates in Lagos for now offering Same-Day deliveries and is looking to expand its services to cover interstate deliveries in the coming months.

Using Errandlr simplifies the delivery process so that you can focus on growing your business and satisfying your customers.

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