We hit a milestone! There are now over 100,000 of you reading TC Daily!

Over the last 12 months, we have 4x our readership on TC Daily, our flagship newsletter which helps connect the dots on how Africa’s biggest tech stories affect lives, jobs, and businesses. We’d like to believe a number of our subscribers stay for the memes and puns but we know many come to The Daily for answers on how tech and innovation on the continent affect our everyday lives.

From 2016 till date, we’ve written 1,660 editions of TC Daily, garnering loyal readers from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, the US, the UK, and over 50 other countries. 

We’ve enjoyed reading your fan love tweets and DMs. Some fan love messages have made us blush—like the reader who described us as using “humour to make technical content easy on the eyes”, and one who said reading TC Daily is like “eating triple scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate brownie.” 😉

We see your feedback—and your criticism too—and we love them. Feedback from readers has helped us introduce critical features like Crypto Market and Quick Fire. It’s also shown us what stories to highlight.

For the next phase of our growth, we’re launching a referral programme for all our readers 🎉. 

The premise is simple:  if you love TC Daily, tell someone about it, and we’ll give you something in return*. Every weekday, TC Daily helps 100,000 people across the globe get smarter within five minutes by dishing out critical news on the business and human impact of tech on the African continent. We’d like to reach more people who want to learn about this.  

And don’t worry, the gifts will be items you can actually use, like Netflix subscriptions or Jumia vouchers and notepads, mugs and t-shirts that you’ll actually want to use every day!

If you draw in five new active subscribers to TC Daily, you’ll get all our Ebooks and a one-month YouTube Premium subscription. Refer 25 and get airtime worth ₦5,000 or mobile money equivalent in your currency. Bring 500 readers into the fold and get a shopping voucher worth ₦100,000 if you’re in Nigeria, and if you’re outside Nigeria, a similar voucher equivalent in your currency. 

Our next milestone is 1 million, and we’d like to get there with your help. If you haven’t signed up yet, then you should sign up to get daily updates on Africa’s most important tech news. 

So, tell someone about TC Daily today and help TechCabal on its journey in becoming Africa’s most important tech publication.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Editorial TechCabal Editorial Team

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