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With a reputation for reliability and friendly staff, STC has become one of Ghana’s most popular transportation options. Now that the festive season is approaching, you’ll likely want to book a bus ticket for your holiday travels. But instead of going to an STC bus terminal to queue for a ticket reservation, booking one online is easier.

Here, we will walk you through purchasing an STC ticket online at your leisure. The process allows you to pick your departure date, final destination, and departure time. Let’s get started!

Booking your STC bus ticket online

Buying or booking your STC ticket online is easy if you follow the steps below.

  • Type in your present location into the “Traveling From” field
  • Enter your final destination into the space provided
  • Select the date of departure
  • Punch the search button to confirm there are spaces available for that day. 
  • You’ll be shown which buses can make the trip on the selected date
  • To complete your booking, please proceed to make the payment
  • STC will send your ticket receipt to the email address or mobile number you provide
  • If there are no buses available, STC will display that fact prominently.
  • If there are no buses available, you’ll see that too.

That’s it about how to book STC tickets online in Ghana. 

STC physical offices for complaints or any issues

Please use the information below to get in touch with STC Ghana if you have any inquiries or complaints about booking a ticket online and so on:

STC main office

Location: No. 1 Ajuma Crescent opposite

Awudome Cemetery P.O.BOX 7384 Ring Road West Industrial Area, Accra

You can email them at or reach them via their website at

STC office Kumasi branch

Location: Adum Oforikrom Terminal Workshop and Administration 053100382. Terminal in the Central Business District of Kumasi

Dial 0557943607, 0573100383, or 0573100390 to reach them to book an STC ticket online, make an enquiry or lodge a complaint. 

Tudu Station

Location: In the heart of Accra. Central business district right opposite the Kimbu senior high school. Dial 0573100340 if you need anything from them.

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