RIDIMA – A newly launched Gift Card Trading Platform is set to dominate the exchange market with exciting offers and outstanding features.

If you’re a gift card trader and having a bad time with your old exchanger platform, it is time to try out this new platform.

Have you been thinking or looking for where to sell gift cards for cash in Nigeria at the highest possible rates?

Ridima Trading Platform is the best place for YOU.

Ridima is the Best Gift Card Trading Platform in Nigeria 2023.

This platform provides you with plenty of exciting features and the 3 major ones include;

  • Gift Card Trading.
  • Airtime/Bills Payment.
  • Virtual Dollar Cards (coming soon).

Yes! These are the features provided on the Ridima App and Web Platform.

About Ridima Trading Platform

Ridima is a Gift Card Trading Platform created and made for Nigerians to sell gift cards and get instant cash payment.

The Ridima platform is the easiest and fastest way to trade gift cards, get Airtime and Pay Bills.

Ridima was built for a Generation that’s curious about more freedom and flexibility when it comes to finance.

Excerpts from the Founder reads: – “What began as a one-man operation quickly evolved into a team of talented and dedicated individuals who are zealous about providing a personalized experience that helps our customers earn quick cash in an easy and stress-free way”. 

“With instant trade confirmations and the highest rates in the industry, our customer-inclined approach has helped us to become one of the leading gift card exchange websites in Nigeria.”

“We have developed a platform that is unique, transparent, and seamless to ensure each and every one of our customers can sell their gift cards with confidence.”

RIDIMA is 100% legit and worthy to note as the official gift card trading platform in Nigeria 2022/2023.

However, aside from gift card trading, the platform allows you to buy Airtime/Data, Internet/TV Cable Subscriptions, Pay Bills, etc.

They also provide Virtual Dollar MasterCard for making online payments on any platform.

Things to Know When Choosing the Ridima Trading Platform

Many people have been asking Why Ridima? Below are the five things to know before choosing Ridima Today.

  • Easy To Setup – Ridima Trading Platform is very easy to set up and start using both on the website and mobile app. Hence it’s best recommended to use the app.

All you need is to download the app, create an account and start trading immediately.

  • Safe and Secure – Ridima is backed by the highest level of internet security. 

They ensure that transactions made by every user are 100% safe and secured on the platform.

  • Fast Transactions – Ridima provides quick trade confirmations and instant payments. 

The speed of transactions when trading on this platform is top-notch. 

  • High Rates – Ridima offers market-leading rates and facilitates instant payments all day and every day.

This platform has the best top gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria now.

  • Customer Support – Ridima Customer Service Support is always available 24/7 to answer you and solve any issues you have.

They are always ready to help you, attend to you, and make you smile.

So, these are the reasons why people choose Ridima over other Trading Apps and Platforms.

How To Sell Gift Cards on the RIDIMA Platform

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell gift cards for Cash on the Ridima Platform.

To start trading on this platform, you must create an account on the website or download the mobile app.

It’s best recommended to trade your gift cards on the Ridima Mobile App.

Download Ridima Android App Here.

Download Ridima iOS App Here.

Register an account on the app, set up your profile, verify your BVN and add your bank account details, then follow the steps below to start trading.

Step 1: Log in to the app and click on the “TRADE GIFT CARDS” menu and select “SELL GIFT CARDS.”

Step 2: Search for your preferred gift card or click to choose from any of the available listed gift cards you would like to sell.

Step 3: Select the Currency of the gift card (USD, GBP, EUR), etc., and then choose the Card Type as Physical card, Ecode, Debit Receipt, Cash Receipt, or No Receipt. 

Step 4: Proceed to choose the Card Value by selecting a sub-category, the card amount, and the number of card pieces you want to sell.

Step 5: After entering the following details, the Naira equivalent to get will be displayed, then click on the proceed button.

Step 6: Depending on the type of card, quickly enter the E-code in the box or upload an image/picture of the card, and then continue.

Step 7: Confirm the details of your card and finally click on Sell Gift Card.

Quickly accept the terms to submit your trade and complete your card transactions.

Immediately after your gift card is confirmed, the cash equivalent will be paid into your wallet, and you can then withdraw to your bank account.


It is widely known that fake gift card exchange platforms are everywhere ripping people off their cards.

Hence, this is the reason why RIDIMA has come to bridge this gap and protect the interest of users while trading their gift cards.

You have nothing to worry about when you choose this exchange platform today.

They’re the most Legit and Best Gift Card Trading Platform in Town right now.

Go ahead and Trade all your Gift Cards on Ridima and enjoy Peace of Mind.

Visit the website here (https://myridima.com) to get started.

Happy Trading!

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