In response to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies globally and particularly in the developing world like Africa, Furex Technologies, the parent company of leading OTC service Furetin Xchanger, today announced via social media that it will launch a digital wallet for fiat and crypto.

The company has built a name for itself in the offline OTC space in the past five years and is looking to grow its business to meet demands. 

The new My Furex App and website will automate the buying and selling of different digital assets, cater to existing users, and onboard new ones.

Working with some of the biggest names in the Nigerian entertainment space, like Josh2Funny, Isbae U, Isoko Boy and others, the company also launched a waitlist that allows users to redeem a $10 gift prize and other welcome offers when the product eventually goes live in the coming weeks.

Sign up here to kickstart your crypto journey with FUREX: MyFurex.Co.

FUREX is an innovative technology-driven company building industry-leading products that offer crypto-to-crypto swaps, allow consumers and merchants to deposit their coins, and buy/sell digital assets like bitcoin, Ethereum and gift cards on secure and easy-to-use interfaces.

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