Quantum Analytics is a fast-growing edtech startup operating from Nigeria and The United State of America. They are developing Africans and people of colour anywhere in the world with tech skills that are in global demand.

Since its inception in February 2021, they have trained and upskilled over 14,000+ Africans and people of colour from 30 countries across 5 continents with an 85% hiring rate. Their vision and mission are to make their students globally in demand.

One of the fascinating things about Quantum Analytics is that they are a 100% remote company. As an edtech startup, that’s a big plus. With teams working from 4 countries (Nigeria, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada).

In a chat with the Founder & Co-founder, Osagie Jonathan and Janet Jonathan who are interestingly not only partners but they are also a married couple, we ask them interesting questions about their “baby” – Quantum Analytics.

What’s the story behind Quantum Analytics?

Quantum Analytics started as an idea from our painful experience looking for an edtech that offered premium and affordable Data Analytics training with practicals. But we couldn’t find one that fits. We had different experiences with two edtech startups. They’re both based in Nigeria and the United Kingdom respectively. 

We had high expectations for the first one.  But we soon discovered that the training offered  was less than what was expected. Charging quite a lot for basically not so much. The other is based in the United Kingdom (wasn’t in Nigeria until late 2021) and was offering better training content than the previous one but they charged a lot of money. We literally had to pay in six instalments!

With these experiences, we figured we could change the dynamics in the Edtech space by focusing on making real impact along the way. That was how Quantum Analytics emerged.

Are you both involved in the operations of the company?

Yes, we are said Janet Jonathan. I manage everyday operations with a fantastic team. I head the Operations and Finance Department. While Osagie Jonathan The Strategy Lead is responsible for every other aspect of the business. From Designing training modules, building partnerships, strategizing on marketing and sales, leading the development team and working hand in hand with our recruitment team on hiring the right people. It’s a whole lot.

What is Quantum Analytics all about?

Quantum Analytics is an edtech startup that is committed to helping Africans and people of colour transition into tech careers and opportunities. The core of what we do is first to help you develop skills and competencies that make you relevant to the job market, and secondly, to help fast-rising companies in Africa find and hire these talents said Janet Jonathan. Also, for us at Quantum Analytics, we aim to bridge the gap between qualification and employment, which has, for so long, been a leading factor in the high unemployment rate of youth all over Sub-Saharan Africa.

How exactly does Quantum Analytics develop talent?

Aside from our premium tech training, we help enhance resumes, provide LinkedIn optimization, facilitate soft skills training, provide access to remote work platforms and a whole lot more. We host bi-weekly alumni masterclasses to freshen up our past students (for free), we also host tech experts from across the globe in top organisations to our weekly tech events on Twitter and Instagram for members of the tech community

How confident are you with your students?

Very confident. We train with the intention of ensuring our students are qualified to access entry-level tech roles anywhere in the world. We have students in some of the finest organisations across the globe.

Our training is project-based. On average, students must have worked on and completed at least 10 real-life projects before graduating. This would form part of their portfolio projects that proves they have what it takes. At the moment, we have 160+ companies taking on our students from 17 countries on internships. Many of them end up securing permanent roles within these organisations. This number is set to surpass 200 by the end of 2022.

You started with the Data School, are you looking to expand into other tech areas?

Yes, we started with the Data School. We have now since opened up Product Design School and have just opened up our Software Development School. We have two more schools set to open in 2023. You should look out for that.

How did you go from zero students to over 14,000 students in 30 countries in just under 2 years of operations?

This is a great question. First, there is the God factor. A very important factor said Osagie Jonathan. We didn’t know if we would be accepted in this space. We didn’t know how the market would react to our entry. But we knew we had to be ready to accept whatever the market threw at us. Next, we have some amazing students that took us from nowhere to where we are today. Much of our growth came from referrals from current and previous students. They were proud to announce Quantum Analytics from wherever they are. I mean it has been massive. Many of our students get jobs or promotions at their current place of employment because of the skills they have learned in Quantum Analytics. They shared their stories on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. And that created a foundation and the beginning of our growth. Finally, we will attribute our growth to our team. We have an awesome team doing magic. Working smart to ensure the vision is achieved. 

We also intentionally train our students to be job ready. No fuss. We try as much as possible to connect them to internships or full-time entry-level job opportunities. Not just in Africa but across the globe.

What does “success” mean to you and the company?

Success for every one of us at Quantum Analytics is defined as a moving target. I don’t think we have achieved ‘it’, at least in our own minds. But I do know this…if you think you have achieved your greatest success or success at any level at all, you clearly have decided to stop pushing yourself said Janet Jonathan. But, one thing that brings joy to us as a company is when we see our students making waves. Getting better-paying jobs, high-growth internship opportunities or even winning hackathons. For example, at the just concluded DataFest Africa Conference in Lagos, Nigeria, one of our recent graduates, Chukwuebuka Okonkwo and his teammates (Benedict Ositadinma Ejelonu and Chinenye Olivia Ogundinma) came first at the hackathon designed by DataFest Africa.

Aside from offering top-notch premium tech training, are you involved in any social impact activities? Maybe as a way of giving back 😊?

Oh yes, we are! Since the inception of Quantum Analytics, we have trained and transitioned 3,000 young Nigerian female tech enthusiasts (18 – 25 years)  into tech roles. Offering 100% free training and access to our network. 56% of them are currently part of the global workforce. This amounts to over N45M (forty-five million naira) or $90,000 USD worth of training. This is personal for us said Osagie Jonathan. Registration for the next batch would be announced soon. Follow us on twitter to stay informed.

Do you have sponsors for your impact programs?

At the moment we don’t. But we have started reaching out to various corporate bodies to partner with us. We are spreading these opportunities across Africa now. We are open to partnership. We can’t do it alone.

What differentiates Quantum Analytics from every other ‘cool’ edtech start-up?

Our training is 100% live and virtual. This helps our students to learn at their convenience from anywhere in the world. Our training is structured and designed to meet the demand of the various regions we operate in. And we have a team of friendly personalities who are intentional about helping our students succeed.

Where do you see Quantum Analytics in 5 years?

Over the next five years, we want to continue making an impact with our services, expand our operations into other countries and continents and help the next one billion Africans and people of colour transition into high-paying tech careers and access global opportunities. While also making a tremendous impact that cuts across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4, 8, and 10.

What do you love most about your team?

We are young, skilled and ambitious. We believe that impossible is nothing said Janet Jonathan.

For those who are looking to upskill with Quantum Analytics, how can they contact you?

For everyone looking to upskill with Quantum Analytics, you can simply send us an email at hello@quantumanalyticsco.org or just send us a message on any of our social media channels and we will get back to you asap.

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