Over a long period, the world has begun to embrace new technological advancements, birthed technological products and devices that are very detailed, fast-paced, and resourceful.  

The quality of the devices made by TECNO over time has not only met but also exceeded the expectations of all users. The new PHANTOM X2 is not an exception, as it seeks to fulfill the needs of all premium smartphone users. This device from TECNO is a step up from the first device in the flagship series. Its launch on the 20th of January, 2022, means everyone can enjoy the amazing device.

The PHANTOM X2 possesses the first-ever camera-grade retractable portrait lens. This means that with this device you would not need a digital camera as it is in your pocket. It gives crisp clear images with a 32MP selfie camera and a 64MP back camera. Asides from the camera, one thing to look out for in this amazing device is the 4nm flagship processor. This is also another novel feature of the device as it enables the device to function without any lag.

The 12GB+256GB, PC-level large memory ensures that you can use your PHANTOM X2 to take on any task of your choice. The processor and the memory space make this device a great fit for all tasks which include content creation and gaming. One thing to note is that the PHANTOM X2 has a battery capacity of 5160mAh with a 45W supercharger.

The best part is that TECNO put these amazing features in a great design. The unibody double-curved design ensures that style is not compromised for quality. The world as a whole needs to recycle old materials to prevent waste and save the climate and TECNO identifies that need and the PHANTOM X2 meets it. This is so because the case is from recycled materials and as such it is eco-friendly.

Unveiled at a Star-studded event on the 20th of January, the much-awaited PHANTOM X2 is now on sale at different stores around the country. All customers who pre-ordered can now complete their payments. This would enable stand a chance to get this device for free. For all who could not enjoy the pre-order benefits, do not miss out on all the premium benefits attached to being amongst the first set of customers to purchase the PHANTOM X2. You can still get yours now. 

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