Around a decade ago, memes took the form of satire that spread like wildfire across social media. Now, following the creation of Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2013, meme coins have taken off and blown the market apart. Now, currencies such as Samoyedcoin (SAMO), the mascot of Solana, and more recently Big Eyes Coin (BIG) have entered the space, however, what is less known is that these coins are donating supply to charitable causes.

Cuteness For Charitable Change

The undeniable cuteness of dogs and cats has overloaded the market however, whilst the intention was to be satirical, these coins are beginning to impact the world for the better.

Meme coins were introduced to primarily increase hype, encourage accessibility and introduce an element of fun into the crypto-sphere. The pairing of finance/blockchain tech with animated animal mascots allows for a less serious take on the system as a whole. Arguably leading to Dogecoin becoming one of the most well-known currencies across the market, with it currently sitting at #9 with a market cap of $11,425,674,158 (at the time of writing).

Cats Vs Dogs – Natural Rivals?

Big Eye Coin, a fairly new Ethereum-supported meme coin with an anime-style kitten as its face, has already raised over $20.2 million in pre-sales and shows no signs of slowing down. The self-described, “irresistibly cute” coin has disclosed that 5% of the supply will be held within a charity wallet to be donated to ocean charities because “healthy oceans produce delicious cat food.”

Whilst we would assume cats and dogs are natural rivals, they share the same charitable streak. Similar to Big Eyes, Dogecoin donated a significant amount of money to partially fund a charitable organization called Charity: Water. The organization supported those who are required to travel long distances to gain access to clean drinking water by building wells and supplying equipment to communities.

Changing The Face Of Philanthropy

Many across the industry have claimed that crypto could change the way philanthropy operates. Another coin that is creating a change is Samoyedcoin. The first dog-themed coin within the Solana network aims to create a positive change by donating to animal shelters and non-profits that train dogs to assist people with disabilities.

Claiming that crypto has changed the face of philanthropy is a strong statement to make. Whilst it may not have completely changed, it is clear that it is beginning to innovate and revolutionize how people donate and support organizations.

Community-Powered Coins

It comes as no surprise that meme coins are often found donating to charity, their sense of community is likely to be the driving force behind this. Meme coins such as Big Eyes Coin, Dogecoin and Samoyedcoin have a clear community attached to them. Big Eyes currently has 37.7k followers on Twitter and 26.2k members on Telegram.

Launching a community-based coin encourages a higher level of engagement. Since Big Eyes entered the market in 2022, it has already discussed the next steps – particularly in terms of community. Solana took this initiative when launching Samoyedcoin in 2021. It was created out of the rise of meme coins and is used to gather communities by educating and promoting their ecosystem.

The goal is to create an ecosystem that will mint Big Eyes NFTs which will allow people to buy, trade, and sell as members of the Big Eyes NFT Sushi Crew. Big Eyes will also reward members with exclusive content and community-driven incentives.

Big Eyes, Big Plans

As of the end of January, Big Eyes has raised £20.2 million in pre-sale and will have 80% of its coins available to its community on the first day of launch. Big Eyes, despite its harmless mascot, seems as if it is to become the next big meme coin. And if we have learned anything from Dogecoin’s success, meme coins are not to be pushed to the side.

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