With our lives being more digital in today’s world, Nigerian SMEs and creative entrepreneurs have had a hard time making seamless international payments due to their inability to use naira cards for international transactions. As a way to make worldwide payments and shopping easier for Nigerians, Chipper Cash launched a virtual USD Visa card to connect entrepreneurs and customers in Nigeria to the global marketplace. 

Chipper Cash has two virtual card products in Nigeria, offering Naira and USD. The Chipper USD Card is particularly useful for SMEs and creative entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses and not have to worry about the hassle of making international payments for whatever they need to ensure their continued seamless business operations.

As a brand deeply committed to supporting the ambitions of the continent, Chipper Cash has hosted several informative online sessions hosted by experienced entrepreneurs to offer tips to other Nigerian entrepreneurs on ‘How to scale your SME.’ “The Chipper Card has helped over 100,000 people from Nigeria transact online around the world,” explains Goldie Iyamu, Marketing Campaign Manager at Chipper Cash Nigeria. “On top, we have had customers tell us that having access to the virtual USD card has helped them increase their revenue by as much as 50%.”

Using the Chipper Card
The Chipper USD Card can be used for online purchases wherever Visa cards are accepted, including online subscriptions and ads, plus shopping on international platforms; Amazon, Shopify, Canva, Photoshop, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music, Alibaba, Fashion Nova and Shein. Getting a Chipper USD Card is free and easy. Simply download the Chipper Cash app from Google Play or the App Store, verify your account and claim your Chipper USD card. Your card number, expiration date and CVV are all available from the app. Once funded, you can use your Chipper USD Card immediately. 

Testimonials from Chipper Card customers

Commenting on using the Chipper Card, Nimi, a photographer based out of Lagos, said: “I use my Chipper USD Card to pay for any sort of equipment and subscriptions I need for my everyday operations – whether that’s a new camera lens, lights, Photoshop software or editing subscriptions. Even with the $5,000 spending limit, I find that I am hardly able to exhaust it every month.” 

Rahama, a cafe owner, based out of Kaduna, said: “I had just opened my cafe and it was time to start marketing when I learned I couldn’t use the naira card for my social media adverts. A friend told me about the Chipper USD Card and I have been able to pay for adverts on Instagram and Facebook to promote my cafe online with no stress. Now my cafe is the talk of the town”.

Ijeoma, a fashion designer based out of Port Harcourt, commented: “Of all the things I have used the Chipper Card for, using it to pay for my website subscription so I can get orders from international customers is by far one of its most valuable benefits.”

Kunle, a student and Instagram vendor based out of Benin City, noted: “I almost gave up on my mini importation business when the naira card limit got reduced. I downloaded Chipper Cash immediately after they launched their virtual USD card and I can proudly say that it has helped scale my business x4 because I no longer have to worry about how to pay for my goods from international websites or how I will run my ads on Instagram.”

Goldie concludes: “Chipper Cash exists to provide the most trusted and reliable products for people living in Africa and beyond. Hearing the success stories from Nigerian entrepreneurs and SMES has been the fuel we need to keep hard at work refining and innovating our products to help boost our economy, support our customers’ ambitions and catapult these entrepreneurs to a global audience.”

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