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The financial technology industry is undergoing a massive transformation with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). According to a recent report by Deloitte, over 80% of financial services companies are now using AI to improve their customer experience, reduce customer churn, and increase product sales. Moreover, a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum found that over 75% of fintech executives believe AI can help companies better understand the market’s needs and preferences.

Utilizing AI Technology

Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) promotes an even greater potential for the industry to develop and expand. It can be used to analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately. It can also help organizations to identify trends and patterns in the market that would otherwise be difficult to spot.

Furthermore, AI can analyze people’s sentiments and detect changes in speech tone, and Helios Life Enterprises is at the forefront in this space. By analyzing minor nuances in the vocal tone of executives during corporate dialogue, Helios can provide insights that can predict market volatility.

As a result, Helios’ cutting-edge AI platform can give investment firms and investors the ability to make more informed decisions in the stock market.

At its core, the technology analyzes audio recordings of traders’ voices and examines them for signs of stress, fear, and other emotional states. For example, Helios can detect whether a trader feels anxious or optimistic about a particular stock. The company then uses this information to make trading recommendations, allowing traders to make more confident decisions when investing their money.

“Tonal analysis techniques can extract, on a millisecond level, different characteristics of the tone of the voice that, together, paint a comprehensive picture of the thoughts and opinions of a person,” Helios co-founder and chief scientific officer Dr. Gerwin Schalk shares.

Helping Professionals Make Confident Trading Decisions

Helios has been reshaping the future of market intelligence by developing voice technology that uses artificial intelligence. The company notes that 40% of the information in human communication is captured by voice tone. By incorporating tonal AI into earnings calls and corporate presentations, market intelligence is given a new dimension.

“Helios represents a brand new channel within the alternative data community,” Dr. Schalk shares. “This fundamentally enhances the analysis of corporate communication and allows financial analysts to understand the full message.”

Recently, the company has launched the Helios Voice Summation Indicator (VSI), which provides a volatility index that exclusively employs voice tone to assess market views of corporate communications. This technology was featured in an article published on Nasdaq. Helios’ internal algorithm generates a daily index value to estimate future volatility in the S&P500.

Pioneering The Voice Tone Technology

Helios Life Enterprises is quickly building a reputation in finance and technology. More professionals are implementing Helios’ technology while making investment decisions, earning the firm recognition from TechCrunch as a StartUp Battlefield Honoree.

Helios provides insights on more than 4,500 equities in the United States, and the company is not settling there. Utilizing Deepgram’s Automated Speech Recognition engine for non-English speaking global equities, the company can provide vocal tone insights on a worldwide scale.  

With the current state of the financial market, analysts believe that Helios’ exclusive line of financial insights is well-positioned to prosper in 2023.

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