Payday is a digital neobank made for its customers, and it has always delivered on its promise of being a customer-centric organization since its inception. 

In a bid to further provide support and improved services for its customers who range from Remote workers, Digital Professionals entrepreneurs, and so on; Payday is introducing a few more exciting products in it’s 3:0 version. 

Payday Virtual Cards

“The rebranding of the already innovative product such as the Virtual Dollar Card by Payday which has both the Mastercard and visa card option with zero charges on card creation and monthly maintenance fee is a monumental moment for the company. We want our customers to enjoy a more compact experience never offered elsewhere, whether it’s in online payments, sending and receiving monies freely, security, convenient digital technology, or hospitable customer experience; it all reflects the Payday mission to ‘Control you to the world’

With a payday virtual dollar card, a non-physical dollar-denominated card, payday users can pay for international services like Starlink, Amazon, Apple Music, Netflix, eBay, Namecheap, G-Suite, and many more without limits. 

To enjoy the many benefits that Payday’s Virtual Dollar Card offers, all customers need to do is log into their account on the Payday app and activate a personal Virtual dollar card which takes less than a minute. For potential customers intending to also be part of this experience, all you need to do is to register an account through the Payday app. After registration is complete, you can proceed to activate a personal Virtual Dollar card without much hassle with a zero card creation fee. 


As a platform that gives its users total control of their assets, our users can manage their virtual dollar card in a way they see fit. From activation, deactivation, and security to freezing; you are just one click away. 

Go limitless with the payday virtual dollar card and spend your money freely without hassle.

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