Banking has come a long way over time. From traditional brick-and-mortar structures to fintechs that exist digitally only and now with digital tokens representing fiat currency. The rise of crypto promised us a world of decentralised banking. Faster, cheaper, easier banking, free from traditional bottlenecks, and securely built on the blockchain can change the trajectory of banking forever. This is what Opticash, the cloud-based digital banking platform is doing by securely linking crypto with fiat currency and building a better banking future.

The COVID-19 epidemic came with a surge in digital transactions. In 2020, Africa, particularly Nigeria ranked as one of the highest in cryptocurrency trading numbers by region. The surge in these digital financial transactions was due to an increase in cross-border payments and transactions. As technology continues to connect the world globally, business and personal transactions are taking place across borders. In 2021 remittances to Africa as a whole by migrant workers were estimated to be about $95 billion. These numbers represent the need for banking solutions that make global money transactions possible. Blockchain technology offers this possibility but the problem with most crypto platforms is they cannot deliver instant transactions. Also, a big problem with crypto use is utility. Many countries and businesses do not make allowances for crypto use even though individuals are interested in it. This has led people to treat crypto as more of an investment asset than a trading asset and also led to long waiting times for cross-border transactions that rely on cryptocurrencies. 

To build the bank of the future and harness all the benefits blockchain technology has to offer, fintechs are going to have to create solutions that connect fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies, make transactions faster and secure, and take crypto from potential to reality. The appeal of Opticash is that it provides its users with these options on an easy-to-use platform.

Opticash is the first TICT (Trade, Invest, Chat, Transfers) fintech platform to build a bidirectional bridge between crypto and fiat currencies. With Opticash’s blockchain-based banking solution, individuals and businesses alike can trade back and forth with both crypto and fiat currencies. This means businesses can now scale globally without worrying about receiving payments and conducting financial transactions.

Opticash provides a safer, cheaper, and faster banking platform for multiple currencies. Unlike other trading platforms where transactions are slow, transactions on Opticash are done in minutes with a community participation system that discourages market-dumping. This all-in-one banking system is making the decentralized and more equitable financial future blockchain promises a reality.

With Opticash users can perform traditional banking transactions including account creation and management, fund transfers, and saving. Users can perform these functions in any currency in minutes without the delay and restrictions of traditional banking systems. Opticash also offers physical and virtual debit cards to make transactions easier. This fintech solution also has a chat feature that enables community building and faster transactions through chat.

Why choose Opticash

Opticash is heralding a long-awaited banking revolution by linking crypto and fiat currencies on a cheaper and safer platform. This banking platform comes with:

  • Transparency and visibility. Users have total control of their transactions and they can trace transaction history 24/7. 
  • Time and cost-efficient. Businesses and individuals get a faster and cheaper method of transacting. Users can rest easier with transactions that go through in minutes and businesses no longer have to worry about currency differences globally.
  • Businesses using the service can scale globally and get access to a global talent pool and cost-effective production.
  • Top-notch security. This cloud-based network is also integrated with other cybersecurity protocols. The entire Opticash system runs on a safe encryption method that essentially puts a barrier between hackers and identifiable information, and Opticash’s smart contracts are 100% security audited to protect clients from outlying risk factors.

This secure system also analyzes tokens before they’re put on its platform so only genuine tokens are accepted. Opticash’s approach to sharding technologies makes it possible to handle higher transaction volumes at a higher speed. This means users can buy or sell crypto tokens in minutes in USD or other currencies. Users can earn, borrow, trade, and hold crypto all on one platform.

With security being a priority to the company, Oticash has done its diligence in covering its basis on web security. The platform has been fully audited by world-class security firm CertiK. Opticash is also integrated with Gnosis Safe, a high level security protocol used to secure tokens in the ecosystem and these security measures help the platform stay not just safe but decentralised.

  • Mobile friendly. Opticash provides users with a decentralized, user-friendly platform that allows them to carry out all their transactions and fast payments at their fingertips. 

Opticash’s system is the next step in banking technology. The platform is solving a global financial transaction issue and making the case for the benefits of creating a bidirectional highway between cryptocurrencies and multiple fiat currencies. To benefit from this banking revolution sign up to Opticash here. To learn more, connect with Opticash’s telegram community here.

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