Cassava – the crop, a staple food in most African communities, is extensively cultivated on the continent for its edible starchy tuberous root. It is one of the largest carbohydrate sources and is a vital source of calories for about 65% of the population. 

Taking inspiration from the broad appeal, importance and variety of meal use cases of the cassava plant in Africa, Cassava Network aims to be an integral part of the Web3 ecosystem in Africa by being a bridge between brands and users, and Africa to the world. 

We are a community-first product, a Web3 platform centred around loyalty rewards, entertainment, NFTs and gaming. The Cassava products were successfully launched over the last quarter of 2022 and saw over 30k registered users and 15.7k AfriMyth Avatars created by members of our community by the end of 2022. Currently, we have over 300k registered users and over 200k connected wallets.

At Cassava Network, we’ve built an all-in-one Web3 growth tool for users to earn rewards and for brands to reach millions of customers.

With a mission to help Africans transition from Web2 to Web3, Cassava Network offers a centralised rewards platform based on the CB Coins point system that brands can use to grow their audience, engage and incentivise their users to complete simple tasks on Cassava.

In addition to the rewards platform, Cassava Network will launch a multichain wallet, allowing its users to access various on-chain assets across multiple blockchains without switching from one app to another.

You can create your account, connect your social media and on-chain wallet, build your AfriMyth avatar, and begin to earn rewards in less than 5 minutes on

Interesting Events

We have been working tirelessly at Cassava, and we’ve hit some exciting milestones over the last year. 


As of May 2022, Cassava Network had raised $8 million from more than 40 investors, all of whom share our vision for a blockchain-empowered Africa. Some of our investors include Adaverse, Emurgo, Dragonfly Capital, Coin98 ventures, Portico ventures, Mirana and many more. We are excited to work with our fantastic partners to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain in Africa. For more details on this, click this link.

Launch of Cassava Avatar Generator (Cassava V1)

In September 2022, we launched the Cassava AfriMyth avatar generator (Cassava V1), allowing users to create AfriMyth avatars. These avatars were based on 5 African mythological characters – Anansi, Afonja of Ilorin, Queen Idia, Sango and Usman dan Fodio. These avatars are currently off-chain but will be moved on-chain soon and will serve as the primary building block of the Cassava digital identity system.

Read the article in this link for more details on the Cassava Avatar generator.

Launch of Cassava V2

In December 2022, we launched the Cassava V2, a World Cup campaign and introduced the CB Coins point system. For the Cassava V2, our users could earn CB Coins by checking in daily and verifying their on-chain wallet and social media accounts (Twitter and Discord). Users bought mystery boxes containing FIFA 2022 World Cup jerseys with their earned CB Coins. With these jerseys, our users could clothe their avatars as a form of support for their favourite World Cup team.

Read more about Cassava V2 and the World Cup event.

Launch of Cassava V3

In March 2023, we launched Cassava V3. Using the Cassava V3, brands can build their communities on Cassava, set up tasks and run campaigns to reward their users with CB Coins and any other rewards they specified.

To celebrate the release of Cassava V3, we launched the Cassava Community Carnival with 20 partners. For the Carnival, each partner received 50 USDT and 2,000 CB Coins to reward their users for completing tasks they set. Some of the partners we collaborated with for the Carnival are; Fonbnk, Versus, BoundlessPay, Scalex, Karmaverse, Scalex, Boundless Pay, StarryNift, Kolo Market, SuperPower Squad, Triathlon, and many more.

The Cassava Rewards Platform

Africa, the second largest continent in the world by population and landmass, has many untapped opportunities. Through our rewards platform, we are building the largest community of African Web3 users, making it easy for brands to target African customers when running their campaigns or promotions.

The Cassava rewards platform allows brands to launch campaigns and reward participants with CB Coins and any other on-chain or off-chain reward they choose. Through the Cassava rewards platform, brands can set up social media engagement tasks, link and image submission tasks, and many more and reward their users for completing them.

Our rewards platform uses an off-chain point system, making it easy for people without the knowledge of Web3 to interact with our platform and earn rewards for completing tasks. When users complete tasks, they earn CB Coins. These CB Coins can be exchanged for on-chain and off-chain items such as stablecoins, NFTs, tokens, merch, airtime, event and movie tickets, vouchers, etc.

Read our product guide for more information on the Cassava Rewards Platform, its exciting features, and how to navigate it.

The Cassava Multi-chain Wallet

Also yet to be launched, the Cassava multi-chain wallet will let users store, send and receive their digital assets across multiple blockchains. With this, we are giving our users quick and easy access to their digital assets on the go.

While users currently earn CB Coins for completing tasks on Cassava, at the launch of our multi-chain wallet, users can swap their CB Coins for tokens and then use our wallet to hold or trade these assets.

We recently partnered with UniPass to provide users with a fully functional multi-chain, seedless non-custodial wallet. Through this partnership, users who create an account on Cassava are automatically signed up on UniPass and can access their UniPass wallet address from their Cassava profile. 

Through this partnership, we have made it easy for everyone to access a Web3 wallet with just an email address. Read more about our collaboration with UniPass here.


Partnerships are a significant part of the Cassava ecosystem. We have partnered with some of the biggest Web2 and Web3 brands on the continent and are continuously on the lookout for the best brands to partner with.

We have secured many partnerships across various sectors. Some of our biggest partners include; Boomplay – Africa’s largest music streaming platform with over 50 million active monthly listeners, and Carry1st, Africa’s largest gaming platform. Others include Scooper, VSkit, Ficool, BoundlessPay, Stakefair, Katana Inu, Awujo, and many more.

Cassava Network: Africa’s Web3 Bridge

Here at Cassava Network, we are bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, making it easy for Africans to transition seamlessly into Web3.

Through our rewards platform, we offer users off-chain rewards for completing simple tasks created by us and partner brands on our platform. These users can then swap these off-chain rewards for on-chain assets such as stablecoins, tokens, and NFTs. 

For more details on Cassava Network and everything we’ve done in the past few months, please click the link below;

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